Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25

Well Paul has been very quiet of late but I always knew that his horror film obsession would kick in again and indeed it has with the purchase of this Region 2(Europe) DVD of Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah (the sequel to Godzilla vs Biollante)

In this film, time-travellers from the future warn that Japan will ultimately be destroyed if the monster Godzilla can't be neutralized. They reveal the circumstances of Godzilla's origin: a dinosaur who survived into the 20th Century (and who inadvertently saved a group of Japanese soldiers from American forces during World War II), only to be mutated by atomic testing on his island home. The future people have an audacious plan: to remove the pre-Godzilla dinosaur from his timestream and prevent his mutation. However, things take an unexpected turn, resulting in the creation of a new horror--the three- headed dragon King Ghidrah.

Paul bid £3.45 for the item at 11.03am on October 24, more than enough to see off the £3.25 bid made by evil_ler a day later. There was a 99p charge for postage and packaging.

These days Paul lives in a huge mansion by the river in Berkshire but many moons ago when he was working the clubs as well as running a mobile shop and being married to a woman who was not Debbie McGee (they are, I believe all friendly) he was living in his home town of Middlesbrough, Cleveland which is, coincidentally, where this item was. It must have been pretty exciting for the seller, godthathurt (funny name!), to sell a DVD to one of his home-cities most famous sons.

I must say that after months of ebay inactivity, it's great to have Paul back in the ebay saddle and I'm sure he will enjoy watching his Godzilla DVD. Not a lot!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is this Paul Daniels too?

Hmmm... I offer today's post as something of an oddity as I have no way of confirming whether or not it is related to the Paul Daniels.

As well as there is, of course, and also, an Irish variation,

As far as I am aware they are all connected and there is no reason for anyone to have specific accounts on more than one version... although I may be wrong about this. Anyway, while researching my blog I discovered a recent item sold on that was bought by a user with the name Normally I wouldn't give this much thought... after all it must be quite a common name and on the internet where you can call yourself anything you want to, there is no way of knowing whether or not someone is using their real name. Maybe it was a Paul Daniels fan who was responsible, who knows.

However, something about the transaction aroused my suspicion. The item was sold on June 22. It was listed as a "SUPERB 1930's CIRCULAR BRASS FRONT DOOR BELL PUSH", it had been professionally polished and was in very good condition and the seller was the rather inappropriately named bell-pull. So far, so ordinary. The item was based in Reading - close to Paul's Wargrave mansion. Okay, so that's probably a coincidence. There were 5 bids, starting with bigbadbex666 who offered £14 before thurgo made it £16. rowlandoffice2000 upped the ante to £21, bigbadbex666 re-entered the fray and came in with £23.43 and then the mysterious is-it-or-isn't-it-him stole the item with a £24.43 bid at the last. (Approximately EUR36.15)

The seller had jazzed up their listing with some background graphics. Here's a small version of what a part of their page looked like:

Now any keen observer of Paul Daniels' ebaytivity - and I count myself amongst them - would instantly recognise that graphic from Paul's listing for a lamp post that I described in the post dated August 21. I know a lot of you won't have seen the original ebay page so I have taken the liberty of grabbing a version and here it is:

It is instantly recognisable as the same graphic. So on June 22, someone with the user name buys a 1930s door-bell-push that is advertised using a particular background graphic and almost exactly one month later the Paul Daniels sells a victorian lamp post and advertises it using exactly the same background graphic!! It could be a coincidence I'm sure, but it's certainly possible that a shrewd seller such as Paul saw and liked the graphic and realised it had been useful in attracting his attention and so decided to use the same for his own 'victoriana.' As I said at the top of this post;'hmmm.'

Is it possible that Paul Daniels has more than one active ebay account? If it's true then it opens up a whole world of possibilities for this blog and a whole host of other transactions that should be included... such as a shock-mount for a microphone (the kind of thing someone planning to record some podcasts might want?) an insect screen for a window (the kind of thing someone who lives by a river might want?) and a mains charger for an ipod... (does Paul own an iPod... if he's planning podcasts (which he is) he probably does...)

I wonder if it was the real Paul Daniels. If so, I'm sure he will enjoy his 1930s door-bell-push. Not a lot!

Monday, August 21, 2006

August 21

These are exciting times at Paul Daniels' Ebay Transactions. Not only has there been some media coverage of the blog with The Independent, The Guardian and Richard & Judy all giving it a plug but it has coincided with a resurgence of ebay activity - or ebaytivity - from the man himself.

Anyway... on August 21st, Paul Daniels completed three sales, selling first a cast iron lamp post streetlight with an ornate top and then the technologically more advanced item - a hologram of Sir Clive Sinclair before finally selling the set of golf clubs that he had failed to sell on August 18th!

First, the lamp. The winning bidder (kopots) is a very lucky bidder indeed because they will get to visit the Daniels/McGee abode as Paul made it very clear that the winning bidder would have to collect. This is more evidence of Paul as a shrewd operator because he must know that doing so only makes the item more attractive to his fans.

Paul provided a lot of photos so that buyers could see exactly what they were buying and what state it was in and he was at pains to explain that the photos had not been retouched in any way.

He then described the item as follows:

VERY Old Street Light - Cast Iron Post

This is NOT a modern copy. This is the REAL THING.

If you are the successful bidder be prepared to come and pick this item up because the cast iron post is very heavy.

The height of the post is 12 feet and the lamp part is another 3 feet 6 inches on top of that! This makes for a magnificent garden feature.

The post has a cross piece near the top (hanging baskets?) and at some time someone has run an electric cable into the top of the lamp. Note to the bidders: re-wire it just to be safe. It looks OK but you never know.

The ornate scroll work around the top is of some soft metal and may be lead. As it has been painted green I have no idea whether this is a copper lamp or not.

As always I'm impressed with Paul's attention to detail. He makes suggestions, regarding the item as a garden feature and the possibility of making use of the cross posts for hanging baskets but never suggests that that is all it is capable of. He mentions the wiring but is safety conscious enough to make sure that the buyers know they have a responsibility to check these things out. A famous person like Paul doesn't need the bad publicity that would come with an electrocuted ebay buyer!!

This was an unusual item and it was always going to raise questions with potential buyers. Of course Paul was always on hand to answer them as best he could. The first question came from someone called Rob, who asked, "How much do you think this item weighs as I have a transit pickup that carries 1 ton in weight. Anything over this weight would overload me and i would be taking a chance driving back up the motorway. Cheers Rob"

Paul reply was as honest as normal: "I have no means of weighing it. The top part is very light and I can lift that very easily. The post is the heavy bit. I can lift one end if I do the job properly and bend my knees! To get it into a van is a three man lift to prevent an accident."

Let's not forget that Paul is no spring chicken. While he might appear exceedingly vibrant and energised on stage, in real life he is nearly 70 so if he is able to lift one end of the pole one can surmise that it isn't too heavy. But does Paul promise them that the pole weighs less that 1 ton just to encourage them to bid? Of course not. He lets them make their own judgement - caveat emptor: buyer beware. Fair play.

The next question comes from someone called Bub who frankly appears not to have read the first question. "You say the post is very heavy??...I have Arthritis & my Husband,Bertie is awaiting a Hernia question is:-if we were to be successful in winning this lampost...who would be available to load it onto our pick-up??? you have the strength or means to load it for us??...many thanks,Bub"

Paul doesn't lose his temper with this question, he just replies cryptically, "There's always a way..." and indeed he's right. If you have a heavy pole on a pick-up, you're going to need help when you get it back home... if that can be arranged I'm sure Paul is capable of rustling up some Wargravian help from a few chaps prepared to bend their knees.

Now... the bidding. This started with an amazingly low bid of £1.04 from Samantha4223 which was rapidly overtaken by mistywood29's £1.90 bid. A fifth bid came in at £5 frin chameleon_trading_international (who regular readers will recall was also bidding for both sets of golf clubs recently.) aimeepeers then came in with a devilish £6.66 before twomo29 made what might be the first remotely serious offer of £20.

aimeepeers showed that he/she was actually a serious bidder and came back with £51.13 which was then pushed to another 6-centric bid of £66.66. Then a truly serious bidder made his presence felt when eddierocket0 turned up. His bids rapidly rose from £73 to £120 stopping at £80, £85, £95, £99, £105, £110 and £115 along the way although he was pipped by a £127.05 bid from griss2006.

griss2006 probably thought the lamp post was his/hers for good but right at the last minute kopots stole in with a £129.05 bid and the lamp was theirs. I wonder what they made of Paul's luxurious Wargrave home when they went to collect it? Did they have a cup of tea with him and admire the river views? There isn't room in the ebay feedback section to make this clear but kopots did say "Excellant (sic) Ebayer,Excellant(sic) Service,Thankyou!!!!!!!"

Now... Paul's second sale of the day... the Clive Sinclair hologram. A great curiosity... is it art? is it science? Those aren't my words but the words of Paul Daniels himself as written in his description of the item. The answer, as I'm sure Paul well knows, is that the item is both art and science.

The item was produced by a man called Rob Munday in 1990, a time when Paul claims it was impossible to make a hologram of a living person. This seems like a crazy claim because we know that Clive Sinclair (now Sir Clive Sinclair) is a living person but Paul says that he believes this hologram was made of a sculpture. What a holographer has to do to make a hologram that a statue can withstand but a human can't is not explained. Maybe it involves bombarding the subject with radiation! Maybe it just involves being perfectly still for a long time. That is something I suppose you would have to ask Rob Munday about!

Paul explains how life like the item is (although any fool can see as much from the amazing photograph (are those Debbie's hands?)) and that it is best lit by a normal halogen lamp, the sort that he rightly says, "most people now have set into their ceilings."

The bidding started with the mysteriously named hotv8aw(private) offering £1.04 although this bid soon became £3 and then £5. £5 is also where the now familiar chameleon_trading_international joined the fray although it wasn't long before bigpostie72 came in with £6. (You'd think bigpostie76 would be bidding for the big post that was sold earlier today!) hotv8aw(private) reentered the game with a £10 bid but a new bidder v.i.n.t.a.g.e came in with £11.01 and then £12.01 before frodo_baggins_uk came in with £13. Those extra pennies looked to be the making of v.i.n.t.a.g.e who pipped them with £13.01 but chameleon_trading_international stepped in once more with £15. vanfan2000 raised the stakes with a £21.77 offer, frodo_baggins_uk tried again with £26 but was gazumped by vanfan2000 once more with a huge increase and a statement-bid of £51.77. It wasn't enough though and as is often the way, a new bidder stole it at the last with 3692roy making the item theirs with a £52.77 winning bid. Well done 3692roy.

On August 18th I explained how Paul had failed to sell a set of golf clubs that were made from the propellor of the cruise liner, the QEII. Well Paul obviously doesn't take failure lightly and he has transformed it into a successful sale. The highest bid for the clubs had been £410.01 and they had not met their reserve price. They had a buy-it-now price of £1500 on their first listing. Well Paul obviously realised that he wanted that £410.01 more than he wanted the clubs as today the listing appears to have magically changed... the clubs now have a buy-it-now price of £410.01 and so l7net's bid has secured the clubs. No wonder he/she left feedback for Paul saying "MAGIC - everything - can't be faulted, thank you."

Paul once owned a big cast iron lamp post street lamp, a bizarre hologram representation of a technology entrepreneur and a set of clubs made from a luxury cruise-liner's propellor... but I'm sure he will enjoy spending the £591.83 he has made by selling them. Not a lot!

Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18

On August 18, Paul Daniels failed to sell this spectacular set of golf clubs.
Despite offers reaching over £410, the reserve was not met and the clubs remain unsold.

However, three other golf clubs were successfully sold for £22. I will describe the failed auction first:

They are an astonishing set of golf clubs manufactured in 1988 by the company Swilken of St Andrews and they are made out of the metal from the propellor from the cruise liner the QEII!!

They must have been very large propellors as they made 7500 sets of clubs out them! The set Paul was selling was number 334. I can't think why Paul had bought them as according to the listing on ebay, the clubs are still in the wrapping, in the original foam and in the original crate.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in these as they would be a great souvenir for someone who loves their golf and would make a great wall display on a club house wall. More importantly, Paul, aware of how attractive a set of clubs they were was offering to show them to any prospective buyers who wanted to drop in on his Berkshire home. I would have thought the chance to meet Paul alone would have aroused some interest but sadly not enough.

Clearly aware that this was an item deserving a high price Paul was concerned that buyers might not trust him - after all, buying online can feel a bit risky at times. Paul has an advantage here though as he has a reputation that cannot be beaten as a much-loved entertainer. Which is why he added to the product listing: If you are outside the UK and don't know whether to trust me, well, you can just about ask anyone from the UK to vouch for me. Look at to find out what I mean!

I wonder if any potential buyers from America did ask their English buddies to explain who Paul Daniels was and if they did... I wonder what answer they got? Whatever people think of Paul as a magician, I cannot imagine anyone thinking he was a dishonest man and any potential buyer would have been sure to trust him.

The auction started with several mistaken bids which were withdrawn. On August 12, the first incorrect bid came from a mrozinski5 whose £25.01 was then withdrawn. That was at 11.32 am, but at 21.51 that evening harleysoflittleport made an incorrect bid of £444 and not long after teb44947 made an incorrect bid of £66 at 22.18.

The incorrect bids continued the next day with artyffects making a £450 bid at 20.57 and chameleon trading international making a £100 bid at 03.13. Oh dear... this was a very inauspicious start.

Never mind... on August 15 worldwideaudiobooks made a serious offer of £100 which was later topped by a bid of £250 from 17net. 17net's bid was stretched to £270 and then £300 before worldwideaudiobooks seized control with a cheekt £300.03. 17net took back the initiative with a £350 offer but it swung back to worlwideaudiobooks with £400.01 which was then outdone with an extra tenner and a £410.01 bid from 17net.

Sadly this wasn't enough and the clubs, which had a 'buy it now' price of £1500 !! remained unsold having not reached their reserve.

Now... the successfully sold clubs were rather different and had no QEII connection.
They were wooden shafted clubs and Paul described them as being in good condition although he did say that one of the clubs had a rivet holding the shaft to the head of the club.

Paul described the three clubs as follows:

Club 1: Warranted Hand Forged; MID-IRON; Special

Club 2: Made in Scotland; Hand Forged; Special; H Donegan Hanging Heaton; H Logans; The GENII Model Mashie-Niblick (please note the head on this club is slightly loose)

Club 3: Warranted Hand Forged; Jack White Autograph; Driving Iron (there is also a small circular logo on the head of this club)

Paul doesn't say which 'Jack White' has autographed the third club, but I doubt it is the one out of The White Stripes. (A popular band)

The bidding for this item started with a cheeky £1.55 offer from roialt. This was followed with a bid of £5 from chameleon trading international (which explains their incorrect big for the other clubs somewhat.) This bid was pushed to £10 before magicmayo came in with a £14.99 offer. This was pipped by chameleon trading international with a £15 bid but they weren't in the game for long. fatbig1 came in with a £17 bid, then £20 before magicmayo came back once more with a £21.21 offer. But fatbig1 would not be denied and took the item with a £22 bid. Well done fatbig1.

I imagine Paul will enjoy looking at the golf clubs he still owns and knowing that even though he was ready to part with them he is still has the 334th set of clubs to be made from the QEII propellor as well as the £22 he made by shifting the three wooden shafted clubs. Not a lot!

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10

On July 10 Paul Daniels purchased yet another horror film on DVD.

The House That Would Not Die was made for TV in 1970 and stars Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Egan. Being made-for-TV means it is something of a rarity - in fact the ebay listing described it as "SUPER RARE" - and surely something that Paul will be very happy to add to his burgeoning horror-DVD collection.

In the film Stanwyck and her niece inherit a Revolutionary war house filled with ghosts, murder and a terrible secret. At some point a voice from the grave calls out “Amy, Come Home" and at another point there is a complete dream sequence!

The DVD includes a full menu, selected theatrical trailers (although why a made for TV movie had theatrical trailer is not explained), features and scene access. It comes in a clamshell case with a 3 panel Color insert. The seller went out of their way to explain that they "strictly abide by all Ebay listing policies!"

Paul paid $13.45 for this particular disc of horror (approx £7.11) beating bids of $9.95 from fozzcorp and $12.95 from tallcoolone1967. However, as the disc was being sent from the American midwest, Paul will have had to pay a whopping $8 to cover the post and packaging.

The seller says in the listing "We will leave feedback within a short time after having feedback left for us. As with all Ebay buyers, and sellers, we are looking forward to a pleasant transaction!" which makes the distressing news I bring you next all the more interesting.

In the entire time I have been monitoring Paul's ebay activity I have never seen him receive bad feedback, nor have I seen him leave any for anyone else. Until now.

If there is any criticism to make of Paul and his ebay activity it is to say that he is not very good at leaving feedback. Maybe he has decided that it is not essential to the smooth running of ebay. Prior to writing this Paul had last left feedback on March 6, when, at 7.55pm, he left the comment "very good thank you" on 13 separate transactions, that had been made much earlier ... some of them predating this blog. Since then, nada. When he does leave feedback, I always work back through the blog and update the relevant entry so that the feedback is noted in the same post as the original transaction is noted. It seems to make sense. Anyway... this purchase was made on July 10 and on August 12, Paul made what I believe is his first ever negative comment in the feedback section.

"This was the longest that I have ever had to wait for a delivery of any product"


Even though Paul clearly feels very let down by the slow delivery of this item (over one month!) I am sure he will greatly enjoy watching the horror flick about a house that would not die. Not a lot!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14

On June 14, Paul Daniels sold an old polo shirt for a whopping £92! "How can a shirt owned by the magician be worth so much?" you ask. Well it was signed by the truly world famous Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne and their fellow X Factor judge, Louis Walsh and all of the contestants on a recent series of X Factor - Battle of the Stars which, as the name suggests was a celebrity version of the ITV1 singing talent contest. What's more the money wasn't going into Paul's pocket - the shirt was being sold for the READING MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SUPPORT CENTRE.

Paul Daniels and his wife, Debbie McGee, were recently contestants on the X Factor - Battle of the Stars series. Like all of the other 'celebrities' taking part they were doing so for charity. Paul and Debbie were booted off the show on the first night so through no fault of their own, less money was raised for their charity than it would have been had they had the voices to hang around for a while. So, when the final night came and all of the 'celebrities' returned to the show Paul grabbed an old shirt from a charity golf day and asked them all to sign it. And they did.

The list of autographs on the shirt is as follows:
Simon Cowell, (Mr Nasty but really a nice guy); Sharon Osborne (Earth Mother to all contestants); Louis Walsh (If your Irish you are in with a chance); Paul Daniels (International Sex Symbol and Body Builder); Debbie McGee (known as the Lovely!); The Four Singing Chefs (much better at cooking!!!); Michelle Marsh (Steady lads); Matt Stevens (runner up and England Rugby prop); Rebecca Loos (signed this in VERY high heels); James Hewitt (Attention!!!! Very military this lad); Dr Gillian McKeith (Ye canna eat THAT!); Lucy Benjamin (THE WINNER); Nikki Sanderson (Stunning); Chris Moyles (Radio 1 presenter, contestant, and will he EVER be serious?); Kate Thornton (X Factor presenter); Ben Shepherd (ITV2 aftershow presenter); John and Cece ('Invisible voice coaches and a good act in their own right); Yvie (Voice coach, great singer and damn good looking woman); AND the Incredible, the Wonderful, the Best Dressed Man in Town - Mark Hudson.

As you can probably tell, the comments in brackets aren't mine, they are the comments of Paul Daniels himself who included them as part of the ebay listing.

There were 23 bids in total - what an exciting auction - and I'll do my best to describe the ebay action:
tucsonelpres and caz1285 both started with bids of £5. caz1285 must have got in first but tucsonelpres was having none of it and immediately raised it to £6. Then thebubba666 came in with a devilish offer of £15 which was pushed up to £20 not long after. caz1285 showed how keen he/she was with a new bid of £25 before tucsonelpres returned to the fray with a bid of £30. This revealed an already existing £30 from thebubba666 so tucsonelpres upped the ante with a £34 bid that was later pushed to £35. caz1285 then took the reins once more with a £40 and then a £50 offer which again was matched by thebubba666. thebubba666 was then raised to £60 but a cheeky £60.01 from caz1285 took the initiative. caz1285 was pushed up to £70 but was matched by thebubba666 so caz1285 went in with an extra tenner and made it £80. You probably thought that tucsonelpres was no longer in the running but he came back with £84. A new bidder - markcwhu - then came in with £86 but tucsonelpres clung on with another slight increase, this time to £88. Another new bidder - gowj11 -came in on the final day with a £90 bid and probably thought they'd nabbed the shirt before a late bid from secretsbl won the day with £92. They will have paid a further £4 for the postage and packaging.

secretsbl is clearly delighted with the purchase and took time with his/her feedback to praise not only Paul's ebay-selling but also his magic ability saying: Exactly as you would expect. FANTASTIC. A1 Magician A1 Seller. Many thanks. A++

All in all this is a wonderful story and I am very happy that Paul has put his ebay magic to work not for fun and profit but for charity. If you would like to make a donation to the Reading Multiple Sclerosis Centre you can do so by visiting their page here.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy the warm glow of knowing that he has done such a wonderful thing for a good cause. Not a lot!

Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9

On June 9, Paul Daniels snapped up another horror film bargain paying $10.99 (approx £5.80) for a DVD featuring a Del Tenney double bill. That means he paid about $5.495 (approx £2.90) for each of the two films.

The films were "The Horror of Party Beach" and "The Curse of the Living Corpse." These are cult, low-budget horror flicks from the 1960s but this DVD was only released in March 2006 and I'm impressed that Paul has already secured himself a cheap and cheerful copy even though he has had to pay almost the same again ($10.50) to have the DVD shipped to his Berkshire home from Canada.

Paul was the only bidder and ended the auction early by paying the asking price to the seller, lhobo who was clearly delighted with the transaction declaring that Paul was a "pleasure to do business with, highly recommended."

I'm sure Paul will greatly enjoy watching this double bill DVD. Not a lot!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 7

On May 7th, Paul Daniels purchased a DVD of the 1999 slasher horror film Tower of Evil. It was directed by James O'Connolly and stars Anna Palk, Bryant Haliday, Jack Watson and Jill Haworth.

The film is also known as Beyond The Fog and Horror On Snape Island. It is about some archaeologists who are searching for Phoenician gold. They journey to a small and seemingly innocuous island off the coast of England. There they become the hapless victims of a murderous onslaught.

Paul paid US $10.11 for the DVD (approximately £5.44) and he ended the auction early by taking the 'Buy It Now' option at 9.18 am.

The seller (digitaldogpound) left great feedback for Paul, saying "Thank You! Come back again to the DigitalDogPound" and I'm sure Paul will respond with good feedback as and when he receives the DVD.

I think Paul will enjoy watching his slasher horror film on DVD. Not a lot!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 6

On May 6th, Paul Daniels purchased a 5 DVD box set. This purchase proves that Paul is not just into horror films, he is also into Westerns.

Paul has purchased the first season of the classic, vintage Western TV programme, The Big Valley. It was made in the mid-1960s but set in the 1870s. It stars Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley, the widowed matriarch of a clan of wealthy California ranchers. Ove the season the family is visited by an array of characters both benevolent and otherwise, from horse thieves to revolutionaries, while facing their own heartaches, loves, and personal triumphs. Richard Long, Lee Majors, and Linda Evans co-star.

Paul paid $27.99 for the item plus $15.99 for postage from Santa Monica to his home in Wargrave, Berkshire. This item was nearly a May 5th purchase but Paul completed the transaction at 43 minutes past midnight on May 6th.

The DVD hasn't even been officially released yet but the seller, seymorb, makes it clear that while it might be despatched pre-release, no one will actually receive the item until the official release date of May 16th. This is perfectly right and fair and in accordance with ebay's rules.

Seymorb left Paul positive feedback saying, "A++ experience, highly recommend. Thanks for a positive transaction!" That's two pluses and an exclamation mark to emphasise just how positive the transaction really was. As yet, Paul has not left feedback in return.

I think Paul will enjoy watching his classic Western TV series on DVD. Not a lot!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3

On April 26th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a book for only 22p!

This has got to be one of Paul's best ebay experiences ever. So, he paid 88p for postage taking the total to £1.10 and the book looks pretty ropey... it's a 1964 pot boiler called Jealousy published by Monarch Books.

The seller provides this bit of teasing information in order to tempt you:
A compelling novel of a woman trapped by one man's obsessive mistrust.

Jim Venters reminded himself that he still had no first-hand evidence of his wife's infidelity. Could it be his imaqination — as Marna claimed? Was he being unfair to Marna? Nonsense! It was her way of putting him off the track. He suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. The thought that many men knew her body intimately, were aware of her love mannerisms, her ardor, the passionate animalism of her love-making, was too much for Jim. He walked down the street, looking at this man, that man, wondering: Is it he? Could it be that dark one? Or that dapper, sophisticated character over there? He groaned. For all he knew it could be ALL OF THEM.

But I don't think that's what persuaded Paul to part with his £1.10. No, I think it was because the book was written by... wait for it... Paul Daniels!

It is unlikely to be him, Paul was working hard in the working men's clubs at that time but that's what makes it such a great purchase. Paul has paid almost nothing for a great talking piece. He will have actual conversations with people about it and they will all smile at the oddness of finding something written by someone with the same name as him.

The seller has let the world know how great an ebayer Paul is with his great feedback: "Prompt Payment, Thanks for Sale, Good ebayer - Item on its way." No doubt when the item arrives Paul will leave feedback for the seller (bobs_and_bit) too.

I think Paul is going to enjoy owning 'his' book. Not a lot!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26

On April 26th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased an 18 DVD Box Set of Boris Karloff presents THRILLER. You don't have to be a magician to work out that this is completely up Paul's street... it contains all 67 episodes in their original airing order and each DVD gas a main menu screen allowing you to go to any episode you like at the touch of a button. Exactly as you'd expect from this collector's edition box set.

Here's what he bought:
VOLUME 1 Episode # 1 The Twisted Image (September 13, 1960) A pair of deranged temporary employees seek permanent positions. George Grizzard is excellent as the psychopathic mail clerk, as is Leslie Nielsen as the smug yuppie precursor who finds out corporate society isn’t always buttoned down to reality.
Episode #2 Childs Play (September 20, 1960) A young boy with an unhappy home life gets dangerously absorbed in his imagination.
Episode #3 Worse Than Murder (September 27, 1960) An embittered widow seeks revenge on her mother-in-law, using her dead husband’s diary as the motive for blackmail. A gutsy, hard-boiled performance by Constance Ford; Cleveland Amory panned this segment as being “worse than murder” in hit TV Guide column back in 1960.
Episode #4 Mark of the Hand (October 4, 1960) An eight-year-old girl is accused of murdering a man, and then trying to kill him again after she failed the first time. This episode required two directors – something almost unheard of in television filming.
Episode #5 Rose’s Last Summer (October 11, 1960) When an aging film actress dies under mysterious circumstances, a friend and her former husband try to unlock the secret to her death. Mary Astor stars in the role of Rose French.
Episode #6 The Guilty Men (October 18, 1960) Everett Sloane gives a fine performance as a former mobster who tries to go straight. Again, no horror story but Hubbel Robinson had said that the writers’ strike was the main reason the early scripts weren’t living up to the name of the series.
Episode #7 The Purple Room (October 25, 1960) This is the first episode of the series to criss-cross suspense with the supernatural. The audience is left guessing as to whether or not there had been an actual haunting. Rip Torn gives a great cynical performance as an heir to a fortune if he spends the night in a haunted house. Believing his cousins are after the house themselves, he is determined not to be frightened out of his inheritance….But is the house really haunted? The setting, incidentally, was the original house used in Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, which even today, still resides on the Universal lot.
Episode #8 The Watcher (November 1, 1960) This was the first directorial effort by John Brahm, who would helm many episodes of the series. Some nice kids are bugged by a born-again homicidal maniac. Watch for the infamous scene with the man squeezed to death by a car lift. Stephen King once recalled with fondness in a recent issue of TV Guide he described as “what happy memories!”
Episode #9 Girl With A Secret (November, 15, 1960) Espionage involving covert arms sales seems almost out of place for a program of this sorts, but count on Charles Beaumont to bring us an enjoyable romp. Beaumont also wrote teleplays for THE TWILIGHT ZONE, including some of the show’s most memorable episodes.
Episode #10 The Prediction (November 22, 1960) Boris Karloff doesn’t just host, he actually has the starring role in this episodes, the first of five Karloff would do for the sake of clever scripts. For this episode, Karloff is a stage act mentalist who discovers that he really can see the future. For special effects, keep an eye on KaRloff’s face as it dissolves when his ESP acts up.
Episode #11 The Fatal Impulse (November 29, 1960) Elisha Cook is a mad bomber loose in the city during election time. A young Mary Tyler Moore co-stars in this episode.
Episode #12 The Big Blackout (December, 6, 1960) Talk about hangovers – this episode isn’t even worth talking about. Regrettably, the worst episode of the series – but thankfully, they get better from here on in.
Episode #13 Knock Three-Two-One (December 13, 1960) A well crafted crime/suspense episode with Warren Oates as a would-be psycho killer. A compulsive gambler in debt to the mob attempts a bizarre scheme to raise the cash.
Episode #14 Man In The Middle Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink of HOGANS’ HEROES) plays a ruthless kidnapper in this thriller. Comedian Mort Sahl is in good form as an unlikely hero caught up in a kidnap scheme.
Episode #15 The Cheaters (December 27, 1960) Antique spectacles posses the peculiar power of revealing the odd things on people’s minds – but their use leads to madness. Henry Daniel’s all-too-brief appearance as the Alchemist in the beginning was his first of many brief appearances of other THRILLER episodes. It features the single most horrific make-up job in the entire series, courtesy of Jack Barron. This episode is considered one of the top ten episodes of the series.
Episode #16 The Hungry Glass (January 3, 1961) A haunted cliff house almost makes the house in episode four look inviting! Undead souls lurk in mirrors with scary special effects. William Shatner gives an excellent performance, and Karloff makes a grand entrance dressed in Edwardian clothing.
Episode #17 The Poisoner (January 10, 1961) This is a late 1800’s period piece about an art collector tortured by others’ lack of good taste. To alleviate his frustrations, he poisons them in a most efficacious manner and defaces a painting of his wife with crossed lines similar to the THRILLER titles.
Episode #18 Man In A Cage (January 17, 1961) Diana Millay, a Dark Shadows regular, co-stars in this odd tale of intrigue involving heroin in distant Tangiers. If you are expecting any horror from this episode, don’t count on it.
Episode #19 Choose A Victim (January 24, 1961) Susan Oliver is a slumming heiress, and fast talking Larry Blyden is an unwardly mobile beach bum. But watch out for someone tampering with another’s automobile and Billy Barty as that tough little Carnie Barker.
Episode #20 Hay-Fork And Bill-Hook (February 7, 1961) Ancient Druidic goings-on in backwoods England. An especially atmospheric and chilling opening teaser.
Episode #21 The Meriwether File (February 14, 1961) Betrayed wife allows husband to die for her crime. Very good direction by John Braham in the German expressionist/film-noir style.
Episode #22 The Fingers of Fear (February 21, 1961) Child murderer lures little girls with a talking doll. Yearh that still goes on today but this episode goes down as one the sickest psycho/crime episodes. Thankfully the onscreen violence is committed on a doll.
Episode #23 Well Of Doom (February 28, 1961) Tour de force performance given by Henry Daniell wearing over-the-top make up similar to Chaney’s LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. Check out the scenes of the fog enshrouded moors where a demonic duo menace and murder their hapless prey.
Episode #24 The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell (March 7, 1961) Brilliant scientist goes into a frenzy whenever bells ring. Stars pre-Napoleon Solo Robert Vaughn as the psycho killer.
Episode #25 Trio For Terror (March 14, 1961) Three tales of suspense. The first is the weirdest starring terrence de Marney as a Magi who returns from the dead. The other two tales are comical in one aspect, but still chilling to the bone. Episode #26 Papa Benjamin (March 21, 1961) Voodoo curse brings a down-beat ending for a talented musician. Jazzy and atmospheric. One of a handful of episodes based on a Cornell Woolrich story. Episode #27 Fighting against them, a fast-thinking man sweats bullets trying desperately to prevent the older brother from being caught for a justifiable homicide. Episode #28 Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper (April 11, 1961) The infamous Ripper maintains his youth into the twentieth century by ritual killing. Noteworthy music by Jerry Goldsmith, similar to his List of Adrian Messenger (1963) score.
Episode #29 The Devil’s Ticket (April 18, 1961) A wry twist on the deal-with-the-devil theme. No exaggerated make up job here, as they did on THE TWILIGHT ZONE. John Emery’s voice and gestures alone are suitable satanic. The story is lightened by Robert Bloch’s tongue-in-cheek dialogue.
Episode #30 Parasite Mansion (April 25, 1961) A woman is imprisoned in a ramshackle manor where evil prevails. Her tenuous escape route leads up creaky, spider web-covered stairs to another prisoner in a far worse predicament.
Episode #31 A Good Imagination (May 2, 1961) Edward Andrews is thoroughly amusing as a cheated on husband who cleverly punishes his wife and her two lovers. If it wasn’t for the fact that this script was form the typewriter of Robert Bloch, we might otherwise think this as a droll episode.
Episode #32 Mr. George (May 9, 1961) A guardian from beyond saves a child from her wicked relatives. A macabre fairy tale that strikes a universal chord, especially the ending.
Episode #33 Terror In Teakwood (May 16, 1961) An Egocentric musician steals the hands from the corpse of his arch rival. What he chooses to do with the hands isn’t half as gruesome as what the hands choose to do with him! Interesting trivia: After shooting the teaser, an appreciative crew broke into applause, inspired by Reggie Nalder’s climatic scene.
Episode #34 Prisoner In The Mirror (May 23, 1961) An evil sorcerer hypnotizes woman, borrows bodies, kills them, then retreats to a bewitched mirror. An exceptionally immortal tale of what happens when innocence uncovers this mirror, how it affects them, and their attempts to destroy the sorcerer once and for all.
Episode #35 Dark Legacy (May 30, 1961) A magician leaves his nephew an accursed book on the black arts. A superb music score by Jerry Goldsmith, and an on target performance by Harry Townes and Henry Silva.
Episode #36 Pigeons From Hell (June 6, 1961) Two young brothers seeking shelter for the night find death behind their footsteps. Perhaps the single most remembered episode from the series. Even the daylight looks ominously dark in their weird, primal tale. One of the many spooky moments includes the lantern that keeps going dim whenever it’s carried into the strange house. “The stories on THRILLER were really scary, and amazingly graphic. I still have fond memories of guy staggering down the stairs of a haunted house, and a hatchet in his head,” recalled Stephen King just a few years ago.
Episode #37 The Grim Reaper (June 13, 1961) Gruesome legend about a painting so evil that whoever owns it will meet the fate of the reaper. William Shatner gives a fine performance as the nephew who warns his Aunt to sell the painting before it’s too late. Of course, the legend proves to be true. Thriller’s first season closed not with a bang, but with a whimper: one caught in the throat of a terrified William Shatner.
Episode #38 What Beckoning Ghost? (September 18, 1961) The premiere episode of the 2nd season finds a woman so cleverly frightened to death by her cheating spouse, that only THRILLER fans know that the dead rarely rest peacefully. This was the first of five episodes directed by Ida Lupino.
Episode #39 Guillotine (September 25, 1961) Poisoned pancakes are consumed by a nevertheless punctual executioner. Quick cuts between the events provide ironic twists throughout. A fine adaptation of a story by Cornell Woolrich. This was also directed by Ida Lupino.
Episode #40 The Premature Burial (October 2, 1961) The classic tale by Edgar Allan Poe is adapted for this THRILLER production which also takes a few cues from Clark Ashton Smith’s WEIRD TALES entry “The Second Internment.” Boris Karloff isn’t just the host, he also stars (one of five episodes in which Karloff would act as well as host) as the wise doctor who plays on the hysterical fears of a gold digger and her lover.
Episode # 41 The Weird Taylor (October 16, 1961) Bereaved father attempts to resurrect his son by the use of the Mysteries of the Worm, a rare book said to have been burned with its owners years ago! Written by Robert Block, who later reused this same story in the all-Bloch anthology film ASYLUM (1972). This version is better!
Episode #42 God Grant That She Lye Still (October 23, 1961) Ghost of a vampire witch possesses the body of a living descendant. Henry Daniell plays the vicar whose ancestor long ago burned the witch at the stake. Victor Buono has a brief part. For those who love horror tales, take pleasure in knowing that not everyone lives happily ever after!
Episodes #43 Masquerade (October 30, 1961) A honeymooning young couple takes refuge at an old hotel when caught in a storm. An old woman is heard laughing insanely in the attic though the raggedy clothed innkeeper (John Carradine) denies anything is amiss. The solution to the old dark house mystery? Possibly vampire bats. Originally aired on October 30, 1961, the Halloween-eve debut of this segment was more than appropriate.
Episode #44 The Last Of The Summervilles (November 6, 1961) Murder and treachery hasten an inheritance. Karloff is alright as the clever Dr. Farnum, and Marita Hunt (from BRIDES OF DRACULA) as the eccentric aunt has the best scene when she’s electrocuted in the bathtub. This was Karloff’s third episode in which he acted a role.
Episode #45 Letter To A Lover (November 13, 1961) When a doctor is murdered two of the chief suspects, a husband and wife, seem to be auucsing each other of insanity – which one of them is correct?
Episode #46 A Third For Pinochle (November 20, 1961) A man plans to murder his wife using his noey neighbors for an alibi – but the eccentric ladies across the street may have a trick or two up there sleeves.
Episode #47 The Closed Cabinet (November 27, 1961) A ghost wanders the halls with a knife in hand, and only by solving a 300 year old riddle can the curse be lifted and peace be restored. This was the third of five episodes directed by Ida Lupino.
Episode #48 Dialogues With Death (December 4, 1961) Two thrilling short stories involving the dead or dying who are quite communicative. Boris Karloff stars in both segments, his fourth episode in which he acted a role.
Episode #49 The Return of Andrew Bentley (December 11, 1961) Demonic spirits return from the grave. John Newland, the host of ONE STEP BEYOND, directs and stars in this episode, as the heir to a haunted mansion. Terrence De Marney plays Bently’s arch-rival in the black arts. Don’t miss the wild solo on pipe organ that ends on a rather sour note!
Episode #50 The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk (December 18, 1961) A mysterious, lonely woman who raises prize hogs on her farm is in truth the ancient goddess Circe. John Carradine co-stars with Jo Van Fleet, and the tortured screams of Bruce Dern being turned in to a pig start off this delightful segment.
Episode #51 Portrait Without A Face (December 18, 1961) A murderer is gradually revealed by a rather unusual method: an artist complete his final painting posthumously, gradually revealing his killer’s identity.
Episode # 52 An Attractive Family (January 1, 1962) Need money? Try killing off insured relatives. This black comedy was one of THRILLER’s strongest assets, unlike most of TWILIGHT ZONE’s humor. The eerie prologue to this episode gives a little hint of the hilarity to follow.
Episode #53 Waxworks (January 8, 1962) Wax figures coming to life in order to kill is an oft used theme, yet here is a fresh treatment by Robert Bloch, combined with great over the top acting by Oscar Homolka and Martin Kosleck. Peter Lorre was even considered for the lead role, but turned the offer down.
Episode #54 La Strega (January 15, 1962) Our favorite old witch Jeanette Nolan is back at her old haunt of fear, stirring up a ghastly brew. Ursula Andress, in top physical form, rounds out this romantic tale of lovers fleeing from a terrifying corpse.
Episode #55 The Storm (January 22, 1962) Alone in a remote house, a woman attempts to escape from a sick killer. One of the better non-supernatural episodes of the series.
Episode #56 A Wig For Miss Devore (January 29, 1962) A witch’s wig made from the hairs of victims transforms frumpy has-beens into ravishing beauties in seconds. Of course, the reverse is also true – in spades! Masterful macabre make up by Jack Barron tops it off.
Episode #57 The Hollow Watcher (February 12, 1962) Scarecrow comes to life to exact revenge on adulterers deserving punishment. Backwoods legends are always a great source for spooky stories, and this is no exception.
Episode #58 Cousin Tundifer (February 19, 1962) Another segment that might have been at home in the TWILIGHT ZONE. A time warp into a checkered past opens for a family of eccentrics, but only the greedy nephew knows it exists. The perfect punishment fit’s the perfect crime, all in due time (no pun intended).
Episode #59 The Incredible Doktor Markesan (February 26, 1962) Karloff did not just host the series, he also acted in 5 of the episodes. This was his fifth and final acting performance and it’s a tour-de-force role as the undead professor who secretly reanimates deceased rival colleagues for after midnight interrogations. Possibly the most gruesome of all the terror segments, Boris nevertheless has some rather dry one liners and seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly.
Episode #60 Flowers Of Evil (March 5, 1962) Take a class in Murder 101 at the Academy of Arvonne. Beaudelaire is required reading. A rather dreary period piece, but worth watching for THRILLER FANS.
Episode #61 Till Death Do Us Part (March 12, 1962) Go West young undertaker! Henry Jones gets his turn at droll humor in this Robert Block yarn.
Episode #62 The Bride Who Died Twice (March 19, 1962) Poetic tale of a fatal romance. Desperate to escape an evil despot and his henchmen, a young woman deigns suicide. She flees with her lover only to have to repeat the experience in earnest. Effective torture scenes are assured by director Ida Lupono. This was the final episode produced for THRILLER, but aired in a different sequence from the production numbers.
Episode #63 Kill My Love (March 26, 1962) Here’s one for those who enjoy crime/suspense segments. A neurotic family man kills anyone who threatens his family relations, including his family itself! Morality goes in and out the window. Richard Carlson hams it up for this episode. Donald Sanford, who wrote the episode “The Cheaters,” scripted this one.
Episode #64 Man Of Mystery (April 2, 1962) A ruthless tycoon hides behind fictitious corporate identity in order to savor beautiful women vicariously, until the inevitable when he steps out form behind the curtain. Mary Tyler Moore even sings!
Episode #65 The Innocent Bystanders (April 9, 1962) Loosely based on the infamous Buke and Hare grave robbing case history. Watch out for George Kennedy playing his meanest-ever role as an impromptu corpse deliverer.
Episode #66 The Lethal Ladies (April 16, 1962) Two short horror stories, both directed by Ida Lupono, the first lady of film-noir.
Episode #67 The Specialists (April 30, 1962) This was an unannounced pilot for an unnamed discarded series years ahead of its time (a pre-cursor to MISSION IMPOSSIBLE). Since the producers could not air it as a pilot, they used the film as an episode of THRILLER. Though not truly a thriller in the sense of the word, a violent bombing made the show go out with a bang, not a whimper.
BONUS DVD (Several very nice Karloff Television Gems)

Paul paid a wopping $119.99 (approximately £64.24) for this bumper pack of Boris Karloff related TV thrillers ending the auction early by using the 'Buy It Now' button at 9.47 am.

Yet again we accrue more evidence for Paul's excellence as an ebayer as the seller eskelton1 left feedback for Paul saying "GREAT EBAYER A++++" (note the capitalisation and the four pluses!) Paul has not yet left feedback for the seller.

We all know by now that Paul is a big fan of the horror/thriller genre and I'm sure that he will enjoy watching all 18 of the DVDs contained in this Thriller box set. Not a lot!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23

On April 23rd 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs tape of the 1944 thriller classic Film Noir film 'The Suspect' starring Ella Raines, Charles Laughton and Henry Daniell.

The byline on the film is Hers was a strange love, his was a strange secret.' In the film, Laughton plays a hen pecked shopkeeper who kills his wife. The detective suspects foul play and allows the suspect (Laughton) to trip himself up. It is full of suspense and was directed by Robert Siodmark. The seller, aequiles had also purchased it on ebay and had only viewed it once.

Paul paid $15.50 for it (approximately £8.40)

It is obvious to everyone by now that Paul is an excellent ebayer and the feedback from aequiles once again confirms this: "Excellent buyer. Very fast payment, and smooth transaction. AAA+++" (That's 3 As and 3 pluses!) Paul has not yet left feedback for the seller.

I think Paul will very much enjoy watching his vhs tape. Not a lot!

Monday, March 20, 2006

March 20

On March 20th 2006 Paul Daniels sold two different Mamiya cameras on ebay making £328.80 in the process. Well done Paul!

I'll do what I can to describe the two auctions with as much detail as possible although it might get complicated because they both had multiple bidders involved.

So... his Mamiya C330 Professional F Twin Lens Reflex Camera in a padded camera bag went for £157.80.
It had with it a 46mm Mamiya-Sekor lens with UV filters and a 135mm Mamiya-Sekor lens with Skylight (1B) filters and lens caps (front and back) and a Courtenay Light Meter in Belt Carrying Case (as new) [needs a standard 'oblong' 9v battery]and Paul declared the condition of the camera and all the parts to be very good.

Paul had wrongly identified the lens as 46mm (that was to do with the screw in filter size, d'oh... the lenses are actually 80mm and 135mm) but even so it didn't put bidders off. pandapoops kicked proceedings off with a derisory bid of 99p. philiplloyd2006 then took control with a £2 bid rising to £10 and £11. He was seen off by a bid of £20 by juanito6cars who hung on for a while with bids of £24, £26.50, £35.45 and £40 but then it was robbagley0's turn. His £75 bid wasn't good enough for long and he was soon up to £85 and then £90 before losing his grip to rentadora who also had a 3 bid tenure. First £94 was enough, then £100 and £105 but rentadora was unwilling or unable to best 1117shelteredtree's bid of £115. mikkyblue took the lead with bids of first £120 then £125 but oligh spoiled his party with £131 and then £141. rasibuz bid £152.80 which looked like it would do the job but ianf4 managed to offer up a further fiver and £157.80 was enough to make it his. Well done ianf4. Well done Paul.

The other camera was a MAMIYA 645 1000S. Paul declared it to be in really good condition. It was also in a padded Camera Bag and came with a HOVE PRO-GUIDE Mamiya Book on Medium Format Systems, a Mamiya Sekor C 80mm Lens and a 220 Roll film adapter in original case. Paul added that it was fitted with a Cokin Filter Holder.

There were even more bids for this one. Again it started with a 99p bid, this time from snifferhann. kang123456 made it £12, annt15 made it £15 and both donnelly109uk and mart007uk put in bids of £20. As donnelly109uk had got in there first the pressure was on mart007uk to up the ante and he/she did with a bid of £25. That was soon doubled by rcdrake but eleganceglassware stole a march on them with bids of £55, £59 and £63 before dewdropn announced a presence with a £70 bid. mahluf was in the lead with an almost unbelievable £70.03 but surat19 made a more sensible offer of £75. dewdropn reentered the game by also bidding £75 and so surat19 went to £77. dewdropn had one last try with £79 but soon got out of the way when ross9635 stormed in with £90. rodrigoqbo bid first £94 then £98, £102, £106, £110, £114 and £118 and then mikkyblue popped up with £120. Do you remember mikkyblue from the other Mamiya camera auction? He must have really wanted to win one of them. rodrigoqbo was having none of it and came back with £122 and then £126. mikkyblue came back again this time with £131 and then £135. ross9635 who we'd last seen back at the £90 mark came in with £140 but half an hour later noahstephenson's £150 snatched it away. If you thought we'd seen the last of rodrigoqbo you were wrong. His £150 must have got in just before noahstephenson and so was technically winning the auction. So noahstephenson steps in with £155. mikkyblue returns with £160, noahstephenson parries with £161. rodrigoqbo just won't give it up and makes a last ditch effort with £166 but then right at the last noahstephenson puts up £171 and steals the day by buying the camera. Wow. What an auction.

Both the buyers were delighted. ianf4 gave Paul top marks with his feedback saying, "Very good ebay deal, excellent camera and safe delivery. Top marks!!!" while noahstephenson who was making his first ebay purchase said, "my first buy on ebay and paul made it a very pleasant one. no problems at all." At present Paul hasn't given either of them any feedback so it's impossible to know what he thinks of it all. But I'll bet he's happy.

I think Paul will enjoy spending his £328.80. Not a lot!

Monday, March 13, 2006

March 13

On March 13th 2006, Paul Daniels sold a film camera for a wopping £1015! That's more than a grand!

It must be a pretty serious bit of kit. It went under the title "BOLEX H16EL 400ft magazine KERN Vario-Switar lens etc" which doesn't mean a great deal to me... but the picture of it looks like an old-fashioned movie camera. I'm guessing it actually shoots film and not video or anything like that.

Paul goes into further description of the item telling potential buyers that they were bidding for a Bolex H16 EL (presumably the camera) plus a 400ft magazine (presumably that's the length of film it can take?) plus a KERN Vario-Switar 1:2/12,5-100mm multicoated lens (?) and Many Accessories which he then lists as: Four Gelatin Filters, Lens Back-Cap, Three Bolex Lens fittings, 12-24v Input for Bolex Cameras, Remote cable, 2 extender cables, empty spool, Ni CD Power Pack adapted for fast charging in leather shoulder strapped carrying case, large round lens hood, Bolex Battery Charger, larger Bolex Rapid Battery Charger, Bolex Accessories Brochure, small booklet of tables of focal lengths of lens, instruction manual for the 400ft magazine and a manual on the camera itself explaining its capabilities.

All of it is in a FITTED Carrying Case approximately 24" x 20" x 8" (Paul added the emphasis on FITTED, not me)

The only thing that could put potential bidders off would be the fact that the tripod pictured was not included in the auction - Paul was very clear about pointing that out so as to best avoid confusion.

There was a lot of bidding for the item starting at a frankly ridiculous £2 which was offered by both ima120 and daryl3585. photo_cine77 then entered the fray and bid £50 before releafer came on the scene. His initial leading bid of £100 was pushed up to £120 then £130 before maclexsteam briefly took the lead with £151. silviobonomi was leading the pack with £250 but £255 from malik78692 was enough to wrest that from him. But silviobonomi wasn't in any mood to be defeated so he came back with £300. He was defeated though when his old foe malik78692 stepped back in with £315. He was then pushed to £375 and then beaten by a £400 bid from ramonbust. ask.dr.nick then charged in with £410 but ramonbust stole it back with £450. This bid was then stretched first to £500 then £600 before barnfold34 was allowed to briefly dream of owning with Bolex with a cheeky £602.99 bid. ramonbust clearly didn't like that kind of messing around as he then came in with a big leap and £800. His bid rose to £900, £950 and even £955 before right at the end destined212 stole it away with that massive £1015 bid. Well done destined212. Well done Paul Daniels. ebay watchers might be interested to observe that ramonbust is no longer registered with ebay. Hmmm... it would be wrong to speculate but often that hints at some kind of wrong-doing. Like I say though, it would be wrong to speculate.

Anyway, this is a huge result for little Paul Daniels and I'm sure he was absolutely delighted to make over a thousand pounds on ebay.

destined212 was certainly delighted with the whole thing... his feedback says, "This guy is excellent! Great communication and a great purchase!" I can't find Paul's feedback so right now I can't say what he thinks of it all. I will update this page as and when it becomes clearer.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy spending his £1015. Not a lot!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25

On February 25th 2006 Paul Daniels purchased a tin of half tone gramophone needles for only £6.50. He first bid £3.10 but was outbid by radiochiti who raised the game with a £6 bid. Paul was keen though and sealed the deal with his £6.50 bid... he will also have paid £1.50 for postage costs.

The seller, lovedaylemon was clearly impressed with Paul as he/she left great feedback saying, "Lightning fast payment. Happy to trade again. Thank you" and Paul was obviously impressed by the service also as he left positive feedback stating, "Very good. Thank you."

Also on February 25th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some 78rpm records. These were won in four separate auctions although they were bought from only two sellers; cricketrosie26 and katrinavonita.

From cricketrosie26 he bought Pat Boone's 'It's Too Soon To Know' (1958, London) and The Platter's 'Only You'/'Great Pretender' (1956, Mercury) and only paid 99p each with no other bidders. Both discs were described as having scuffed shellac but good condition paper sleeves.

From katrinavonita he bought Glenn Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade' and the Saint's Jazz Band's recording of 'Savoy Blues'/'When The Saints Go Marching.' Again each of these were purchased for only 99p each with no other bidders. Paul must have been like a kiddy in a sweet shop!
All of these items are clearly companion pieces to the HMV soundbox that Paul purchased on February 12th. I wonder if he regularly uses an old fashioned gramophone? Or maybe he is planning some kind of gramophone related illusion?

cricketrosie26 was obviously happy to deal with Paul and left him good but not overly effusive feedback. For both transactions she left the words, "good payer". katrinavonita was more upbeat in her praise although it was similarly themed as for both her transactions she left the words, "Fast Payment Very Good Ebayer". Paul was clearly impressed with both sellers as for all four transactions he left the positive feedback, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy listening to his 78rpm records as they are played by the needles in his tin. Not a lot!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22

On February 22 2006, Paul Daniels sold some photos of Winifred Atwell, Frankie Lane and Johnny Ray. (The picture here is of Winifred Atwell but I do not know if one like it was sold by Paul, I found it elsewhere and am using it for illustrative purposes.)

He made a wapping £14.06 on the deal and charged £3 for post and packing. There were 11 bids in total.

The bidding started with nickiespicks trying to get a steal of a deal and bidding only 99p. 8453davidw beat that with a bid of £1.50. His bid was raised by others to £1.99, then £3.00 and then £3.99 before nickiespicks got serious and offered £10. However pedroblues beat that with a bid of £10.55. That bid was then beaten by trykkleif who came in at £13 and it was trykkleif and pedroblues who would contest the item from there on in. pedroblues bid £13.56 but was finally pipped by trykkleif's £14 and change.

I bet Paul enjoyed watching that kind of ebay action.

The photos were in an album which also contained some sheet music. Paul writes, "A stage manager in a theatre collected, into a photo album, a VERY comprehensive set of publicity photographs of the most famous variety pianist of her day, Winifred Atwell.

There are a couple of small pictures of her with Frankie Lane and three with Johnnie Ray and some postcard sized pics of Winifred Atwell.

Some of the pictures are signed by Winifred Atwell.

There are 16 10" x 8" black and white photos and one coloured signed picture on a pseudo canvas finish.

Also in this album: Sheet music for Charleston; Coronation Rag; and a souvenir album of Winifred Album that contains the story of her rise to fame, 13 photographs and five of her best known compostitions.

All photos and sheet music are in good condition, having been stored in the album."

Paul doesn't say how this album came into his possession. Did he buy it? Was it a gift from the theatre-stage-manager? Maybe he received it in part payment for a show in a theatre.

Both parties are delighted by the transaction if their feedback is anything to go by. trykkleif said, "A great collector's item from a great seller - fast delivery, well packed, +++++" (that's 5 pluses) while Paul said, "A very prompt payment, thank you." You can't get fairer than that.

I think Paul will enjoy spending his £14.06. Not a lot!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 18

On February 18th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some kinky leather-look boots. They have 5 inch high, solid steel spikey stiletto heels and a red oriental woven pattern on the side of each boot.

Thanks to a hidden stretchy panel inside the thigh they have a figure hugging fit.

Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to pay £59.95 for the boots and a further £6.15 for postage.

They were size 6 - so let's hope that's Debbie's size.

Paul was clearly delighted with the seller and left them some great feedback saying, "Brilliant delivery and product was good. Thank you." while they (skyhighshoes) were also pleased with the transaction saying, "Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended!" Yes; highly!

I think Paul will enjoy seeing Debbie wearing her newly purchased erotic footwear. Not a lot!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15

On February 15th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs video of the 1941 black and white horror film The Black Cat.

He paid $7.99 for the tape which, while it does star Bela Lugosi, is not to be confused with the 1930s film of the same name starring... yup, Bela Lugosi.

This one has never been released on DVD which is no doubt why Paul was happy to buy it on vhs. The film that Paul has bought also stars Basil Rathbone.

Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to make his purchase which was sent to him from Tacoma which is near Seattle in the US.

The seller, dandylion_records obviously enjoyed the transaction saying, "Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.Excellent buyer. A++++++." That's an A and six pluses! Paul was similarly impressed with the good people at dandylion_records as his feedback reads, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy watching this vhs tape. Not a lot!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12

On February 12th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased an HMV Sound Box for £32 beating off four other bidders into the bargain. Well done Paul.

The first bid came from jprzygrodzki who came in at £10 before gramophones-worcs beat that with £12. lacambracolecciones then made a crafy bid of £15.05 but gramophones-worcs came back with £20. Sadly for gramophones-worcs slapscat took it out of their reach with a bid of £31 but sadly for all of them - but not for Paul - he then slipped in at the end and nabbed it.

So what is an HMV Soundbox? Well, I'm not sure... but it looks likely that it is part of an old fashioned gramophone... maybe it helped to magnify the sound of an old fashioned record. What I do know is that the one Paul has bought is described as follows:

Circa 1924, Model No. 2, manufactured by The Gramophone Co. Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex. In original black box with HMV logo embossed on lid. Good working order complete with locating screw and needle retaining screw. So now you know.

In his feedback for Paul the seller, joethsills says, "Excellent communication and very fast payment. Thank you A*******" while Paul also leaves positive feedback saying, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul is going to enjoy owning his soundbox. Not a lot!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11

On February 11 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a flyer for the 1971 film Revenge starring Joan Collins.

I confess I am confused as to what pleasure he will get from owning this flyer even if it does feature a picture of Joan Collins in a bikini.

As well as Joan the film stars James Booth, Ray Barrett and Sinead Cusack. The film is from the Rank organisation and the flyer contains a plot synopsis, the cast and, on the reverse, some black and white shots from the film. I wonder if Paul has already got a copy of the film and just wanted some of the promotional material to really 'set it off' so to speak.

keiron2006 was the first bidder coming in with £3.19. This rose to £3.59 and then £3.99 before Paul found the right limit and pipped him with £4.19.

The seller, jamesbarker was certainly happy with the deal saying, "payment received promptly, Thank You" while Paul said of the seller, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy reading his 1971 movie flyer. Not a lot!

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10

On February 10th 2006 Paul Daniels purchased a DVD of an old who-dunnit? film called Murder in the Blue Room. Paul paid $18.45 for the DVD which was sold by the appropriately named oldtimeentertainment!

The film is more than a who-dunnit? it is a musical mystery that chronicles the endeavors of a young couple(Nan and Steve) who attempt to solve a mysterious murder that occurred in a brooding old home.

The story is intriguing; in this old mansion there is a mysterious bedroom, the blue room, where a man died several years earlier, and now, anyone who spends the night in the room disappears!

After the murder, the house was abandoned and rumours abound that the place was haunted. The couple are determined to quell the rumors and solve the mystery themselves while holding a housewarming party. The victim was the father of the new bride Nan (Anne Gwynne). The groom Steve, (Donald Cook)was the victim's best friend. Grace Mcdonald , Betty Kean ,and June Preisser, as The 3 Jazzy-Belles, steal the movie with their comic antics, jive dance routines, and songs(Boogie Woogie Boogie Man)

All in all it is described as a great murder-mystery-comedy-musical combination that is truly enjoyable.

The seller left positive feedback for Paul saying, "Quick payment. Great eBayer.Smooth transaction. thank you~~~~~~~~~" and Paul left positive feedback for them also saying, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy this movie. Not a lot!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 7

On February 7th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs tape of the 1930s Boris Karloff film Invisible Menace. The film also stars Eddie Craven and Marie Wilson. The auction ended early because Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to secure the tape for his viewing pleasure. He paid $13.99 (approximately £7.58) for it.

In a separate auction from the same seller he also bought a vhs tape of the horror film Flying Serpent starring George Zucco. Paul clearly likes old horror films! This film is from 1946 and is described by the seller as PRC's best horror film next to Bela Lugosi's Devil Bat. It co-stars Henry Hall and Terry Frost. Confusingly it then says that it is an unofficial remake of the Bela Lugosi film Devil Bat albeit one in which the monster is now a scaly flying serpent!

In any case Paul paid $9.99 for it and again did so using the 'Buy It Now' button.

Paul was clearly happy with the transactions because he left identical feedback for both of them: "Very good. Thank you." The seller, moonman1702, was obviously equally thrilled as he too left identical feedback for both transactions saying, "Valued Repeat Customer! Fast Pay! Good Communication! Smooth Transaction! AAAA++" (That's 4 As and 2 pluses!)

On the same day Paul won another auction from another seller. It was another horror film but this time on DVD.

It is a DVD about a 200 foot, fire eating turtle of all things! It is called Gammera the Invincible.
It stars Brian Donlevy and Albert Dekker and was directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Paul ended the auction early by utilising the 'Buy It Now' option once more and at only $4.75 (approx £2.58) I'm not surprised. You can't argue with that.

"When a plane carrying an atomic bomb crashes over the Arctic Ocean, the explosion unleashes Gamera, a 200 foot fire-eating turtle. He is hungry for a city and not about to be stopped."

Paul left positive ebay feedback saying: 'Very good. Thank you.'
The seller, moviemarz left positive feedback for Paul also saying: 'Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.' (That's 1 A and 6 pluses)

I think Paul is going to enjoy watching his vhs tapes and his DVD. Not a lot!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26

On January 26, 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a DVD of the 1944 black and white horror film, Voodoo Man starring Bela Lugosi.

It also stars John Carradine, George Zucco, Wanda McKay, Louise Currie, Tod Andrews, Ellen Hall and Terry Walker. In the film Bela Lugosi stars as Dr. Marlowe, who wears a goatee and a robe covered with mysterious voodoo symbols. He kidnaps girls with the aid of Zucco and Carradine so that he can use voodoo rituals on them in hope of saving his wife, who is in a perpetual trance. All the victims end up as hopeless zombies and are sent to the basement to be tortured by John Carradine. Zucco is a gas station owner who tricks the victims into driving over to Bela's house. It is described as a rare Monogram horror classic!

Paul paid only $10.50 (approximately £5.69) + postage which might have been quite a lot because it came from Woodstock, Georgia USA. To win the item Paul outbid thevoice70 who had bid $10 on January 23.

Paul left positive ebay feedback for the seller, saying, "That was very good especially considering this was an international order." The seller, marscollective left positive feedback for Paul too saying, "Hope to deal with you again. I wish more Earthlings were like you. Thank you." !!

I think Paul is going to like this movie. Not a lot!