Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25

On February 25th 2006 Paul Daniels purchased a tin of half tone gramophone needles for only £6.50. He first bid £3.10 but was outbid by radiochiti who raised the game with a £6 bid. Paul was keen though and sealed the deal with his £6.50 bid... he will also have paid £1.50 for postage costs.

The seller, lovedaylemon was clearly impressed with Paul as he/she left great feedback saying, "Lightning fast payment. Happy to trade again. Thank you" and Paul was obviously impressed by the service also as he left positive feedback stating, "Very good. Thank you."

Also on February 25th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some 78rpm records. These were won in four separate auctions although they were bought from only two sellers; cricketrosie26 and katrinavonita.

From cricketrosie26 he bought Pat Boone's 'It's Too Soon To Know' (1958, London) and The Platter's 'Only You'/'Great Pretender' (1956, Mercury) and only paid 99p each with no other bidders. Both discs were described as having scuffed shellac but good condition paper sleeves.

From katrinavonita he bought Glenn Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade' and the Saint's Jazz Band's recording of 'Savoy Blues'/'When The Saints Go Marching.' Again each of these were purchased for only 99p each with no other bidders. Paul must have been like a kiddy in a sweet shop!
All of these items are clearly companion pieces to the HMV soundbox that Paul purchased on February 12th. I wonder if he regularly uses an old fashioned gramophone? Or maybe he is planning some kind of gramophone related illusion?

cricketrosie26 was obviously happy to deal with Paul and left him good but not overly effusive feedback. For both transactions she left the words, "good payer". katrinavonita was more upbeat in her praise although it was similarly themed as for both her transactions she left the words, "Fast Payment Very Good Ebayer". Paul was clearly impressed with both sellers as for all four transactions he left the positive feedback, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy listening to his 78rpm records as they are played by the needles in his tin. Not a lot!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22

On February 22 2006, Paul Daniels sold some photos of Winifred Atwell, Frankie Lane and Johnny Ray. (The picture here is of Winifred Atwell but I do not know if one like it was sold by Paul, I found it elsewhere and am using it for illustrative purposes.)

He made a wapping £14.06 on the deal and charged £3 for post and packing. There were 11 bids in total.

The bidding started with nickiespicks trying to get a steal of a deal and bidding only 99p. 8453davidw beat that with a bid of £1.50. His bid was raised by others to £1.99, then £3.00 and then £3.99 before nickiespicks got serious and offered £10. However pedroblues beat that with a bid of £10.55. That bid was then beaten by trykkleif who came in at £13 and it was trykkleif and pedroblues who would contest the item from there on in. pedroblues bid £13.56 but was finally pipped by trykkleif's £14 and change.

I bet Paul enjoyed watching that kind of ebay action.

The photos were in an album which also contained some sheet music. Paul writes, "A stage manager in a theatre collected, into a photo album, a VERY comprehensive set of publicity photographs of the most famous variety pianist of her day, Winifred Atwell.

There are a couple of small pictures of her with Frankie Lane and three with Johnnie Ray and some postcard sized pics of Winifred Atwell.

Some of the pictures are signed by Winifred Atwell.

There are 16 10" x 8" black and white photos and one coloured signed picture on a pseudo canvas finish.

Also in this album: Sheet music for Charleston; Coronation Rag; and a souvenir album of Winifred Album that contains the story of her rise to fame, 13 photographs and five of her best known compostitions.

All photos and sheet music are in good condition, having been stored in the album."

Paul doesn't say how this album came into his possession. Did he buy it? Was it a gift from the theatre-stage-manager? Maybe he received it in part payment for a show in a theatre.

Both parties are delighted by the transaction if their feedback is anything to go by. trykkleif said, "A great collector's item from a great seller - fast delivery, well packed, +++++" (that's 5 pluses) while Paul said, "A very prompt payment, thank you." You can't get fairer than that.

I think Paul will enjoy spending his £14.06. Not a lot!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 18

On February 18th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some kinky leather-look boots. They have 5 inch high, solid steel spikey stiletto heels and a red oriental woven pattern on the side of each boot.

Thanks to a hidden stretchy panel inside the thigh they have a figure hugging fit.

Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to pay £59.95 for the boots and a further £6.15 for postage.

They were size 6 - so let's hope that's Debbie's size.

Paul was clearly delighted with the seller and left them some great feedback saying, "Brilliant delivery and product was good. Thank you." while they (skyhighshoes) were also pleased with the transaction saying, "Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended!" Yes; highly!

I think Paul will enjoy seeing Debbie wearing her newly purchased erotic footwear. Not a lot!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15

On February 15th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs video of the 1941 black and white horror film The Black Cat.

He paid $7.99 for the tape which, while it does star Bela Lugosi, is not to be confused with the 1930s film of the same name starring... yup, Bela Lugosi.

This one has never been released on DVD which is no doubt why Paul was happy to buy it on vhs. The film that Paul has bought also stars Basil Rathbone.

Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to make his purchase which was sent to him from Tacoma which is near Seattle in the US.

The seller, dandylion_records obviously enjoyed the transaction saying, "Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.Excellent buyer. A++++++." That's an A and six pluses! Paul was similarly impressed with the good people at dandylion_records as his feedback reads, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy watching this vhs tape. Not a lot!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12

On February 12th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased an HMV Sound Box for £32 beating off four other bidders into the bargain. Well done Paul.

The first bid came from jprzygrodzki who came in at £10 before gramophones-worcs beat that with £12. lacambracolecciones then made a crafy bid of £15.05 but gramophones-worcs came back with £20. Sadly for gramophones-worcs slapscat took it out of their reach with a bid of £31 but sadly for all of them - but not for Paul - he then slipped in at the end and nabbed it.

So what is an HMV Soundbox? Well, I'm not sure... but it looks likely that it is part of an old fashioned gramophone... maybe it helped to magnify the sound of an old fashioned record. What I do know is that the one Paul has bought is described as follows:

Circa 1924, Model No. 2, manufactured by The Gramophone Co. Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex. In original black box with HMV logo embossed on lid. Good working order complete with locating screw and needle retaining screw. So now you know.

In his feedback for Paul the seller, joethsills says, "Excellent communication and very fast payment. Thank you A*******" while Paul also leaves positive feedback saying, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul is going to enjoy owning his soundbox. Not a lot!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11

On February 11 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a flyer for the 1971 film Revenge starring Joan Collins.

I confess I am confused as to what pleasure he will get from owning this flyer even if it does feature a picture of Joan Collins in a bikini.

As well as Joan the film stars James Booth, Ray Barrett and Sinead Cusack. The film is from the Rank organisation and the flyer contains a plot synopsis, the cast and, on the reverse, some black and white shots from the film. I wonder if Paul has already got a copy of the film and just wanted some of the promotional material to really 'set it off' so to speak.

keiron2006 was the first bidder coming in with £3.19. This rose to £3.59 and then £3.99 before Paul found the right limit and pipped him with £4.19.

The seller, jamesbarker was certainly happy with the deal saying, "payment received promptly, Thank You" while Paul said of the seller, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy reading his 1971 movie flyer. Not a lot!

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10

On February 10th 2006 Paul Daniels purchased a DVD of an old who-dunnit? film called Murder in the Blue Room. Paul paid $18.45 for the DVD which was sold by the appropriately named oldtimeentertainment!

The film is more than a who-dunnit? it is a musical mystery that chronicles the endeavors of a young couple(Nan and Steve) who attempt to solve a mysterious murder that occurred in a brooding old home.

The story is intriguing; in this old mansion there is a mysterious bedroom, the blue room, where a man died several years earlier, and now, anyone who spends the night in the room disappears!

After the murder, the house was abandoned and rumours abound that the place was haunted. The couple are determined to quell the rumors and solve the mystery themselves while holding a housewarming party. The victim was the father of the new bride Nan (Anne Gwynne). The groom Steve, (Donald Cook)was the victim's best friend. Grace Mcdonald , Betty Kean ,and June Preisser, as The 3 Jazzy-Belles, steal the movie with their comic antics, jive dance routines, and songs(Boogie Woogie Boogie Man)

All in all it is described as a great murder-mystery-comedy-musical combination that is truly enjoyable.

The seller left positive feedback for Paul saying, "Quick payment. Great eBayer.Smooth transaction. thank you~~~~~~~~~" and Paul left positive feedback for them also saying, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy this movie. Not a lot!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 7

On February 7th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs tape of the 1930s Boris Karloff film Invisible Menace. The film also stars Eddie Craven and Marie Wilson. The auction ended early because Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to secure the tape for his viewing pleasure. He paid $13.99 (approximately £7.58) for it.

In a separate auction from the same seller he also bought a vhs tape of the horror film Flying Serpent starring George Zucco. Paul clearly likes old horror films! This film is from 1946 and is described by the seller as PRC's best horror film next to Bela Lugosi's Devil Bat. It co-stars Henry Hall and Terry Frost. Confusingly it then says that it is an unofficial remake of the Bela Lugosi film Devil Bat albeit one in which the monster is now a scaly flying serpent!

In any case Paul paid $9.99 for it and again did so using the 'Buy It Now' button.

Paul was clearly happy with the transactions because he left identical feedback for both of them: "Very good. Thank you." The seller, moonman1702, was obviously equally thrilled as he too left identical feedback for both transactions saying, "Valued Repeat Customer! Fast Pay! Good Communication! Smooth Transaction! AAAA++" (That's 4 As and 2 pluses!)

On the same day Paul won another auction from another seller. It was another horror film but this time on DVD.

It is a DVD about a 200 foot, fire eating turtle of all things! It is called Gammera the Invincible.
It stars Brian Donlevy and Albert Dekker and was directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Paul ended the auction early by utilising the 'Buy It Now' option once more and at only $4.75 (approx £2.58) I'm not surprised. You can't argue with that.

"When a plane carrying an atomic bomb crashes over the Arctic Ocean, the explosion unleashes Gamera, a 200 foot fire-eating turtle. He is hungry for a city and not about to be stopped."

Paul left positive ebay feedback saying: 'Very good. Thank you.'
The seller, moviemarz left positive feedback for Paul also saying: 'Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.' (That's 1 A and 6 pluses)

I think Paul is going to enjoy watching his vhs tapes and his DVD. Not a lot!