Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11

On February 11 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a flyer for the 1971 film Revenge starring Joan Collins.

I confess I am confused as to what pleasure he will get from owning this flyer even if it does feature a picture of Joan Collins in a bikini.

As well as Joan the film stars James Booth, Ray Barrett and Sinead Cusack. The film is from the Rank organisation and the flyer contains a plot synopsis, the cast and, on the reverse, some black and white shots from the film. I wonder if Paul has already got a copy of the film and just wanted some of the promotional material to really 'set it off' so to speak.

keiron2006 was the first bidder coming in with £3.19. This rose to £3.59 and then £3.99 before Paul found the right limit and pipped him with £4.19.

The seller, jamesbarker was certainly happy with the deal saying, "payment received promptly, Thank You" while Paul said of the seller, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy reading his 1971 movie flyer. Not a lot!

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