Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12

On February 12th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased an HMV Sound Box for £32 beating off four other bidders into the bargain. Well done Paul.

The first bid came from jprzygrodzki who came in at £10 before gramophones-worcs beat that with £12. lacambracolecciones then made a crafy bid of £15.05 but gramophones-worcs came back with £20. Sadly for gramophones-worcs slapscat took it out of their reach with a bid of £31 but sadly for all of them - but not for Paul - he then slipped in at the end and nabbed it.

So what is an HMV Soundbox? Well, I'm not sure... but it looks likely that it is part of an old fashioned gramophone... maybe it helped to magnify the sound of an old fashioned record. What I do know is that the one Paul has bought is described as follows:

Circa 1924, Model No. 2, manufactured by The Gramophone Co. Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex. In original black box with HMV logo embossed on lid. Good working order complete with locating screw and needle retaining screw. So now you know.

In his feedback for Paul the seller, joethsills says, "Excellent communication and very fast payment. Thank you A*******" while Paul also leaves positive feedback saying, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul is going to enjoy owning his soundbox. Not a lot!

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