Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15

On February 15th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a vhs video of the 1941 black and white horror film The Black Cat.

He paid $7.99 for the tape which, while it does star Bela Lugosi, is not to be confused with the 1930s film of the same name starring... yup, Bela Lugosi.

This one has never been released on DVD which is no doubt why Paul was happy to buy it on vhs. The film that Paul has bought also stars Basil Rathbone.

Paul used the 'Buy It Now' button to make his purchase which was sent to him from Tacoma which is near Seattle in the US.

The seller, dandylion_records obviously enjoyed the transaction saying, "Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction.Excellent buyer. A++++++." That's an A and six pluses! Paul was similarly impressed with the good people at dandylion_records as his feedback reads, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy watching this vhs tape. Not a lot!

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