Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22

On February 22 2006, Paul Daniels sold some photos of Winifred Atwell, Frankie Lane and Johnny Ray. (The picture here is of Winifred Atwell but I do not know if one like it was sold by Paul, I found it elsewhere and am using it for illustrative purposes.)

He made a wapping £14.06 on the deal and charged £3 for post and packing. There were 11 bids in total.

The bidding started with nickiespicks trying to get a steal of a deal and bidding only 99p. 8453davidw beat that with a bid of £1.50. His bid was raised by others to £1.99, then £3.00 and then £3.99 before nickiespicks got serious and offered £10. However pedroblues beat that with a bid of £10.55. That bid was then beaten by trykkleif who came in at £13 and it was trykkleif and pedroblues who would contest the item from there on in. pedroblues bid £13.56 but was finally pipped by trykkleif's £14 and change.

I bet Paul enjoyed watching that kind of ebay action.

The photos were in an album which also contained some sheet music. Paul writes, "A stage manager in a theatre collected, into a photo album, a VERY comprehensive set of publicity photographs of the most famous variety pianist of her day, Winifred Atwell.

There are a couple of small pictures of her with Frankie Lane and three with Johnnie Ray and some postcard sized pics of Winifred Atwell.

Some of the pictures are signed by Winifred Atwell.

There are 16 10" x 8" black and white photos and one coloured signed picture on a pseudo canvas finish.

Also in this album: Sheet music for Charleston; Coronation Rag; and a souvenir album of Winifred Album that contains the story of her rise to fame, 13 photographs and five of her best known compostitions.

All photos and sheet music are in good condition, having been stored in the album."

Paul doesn't say how this album came into his possession. Did he buy it? Was it a gift from the theatre-stage-manager? Maybe he received it in part payment for a show in a theatre.

Both parties are delighted by the transaction if their feedback is anything to go by. trykkleif said, "A great collector's item from a great seller - fast delivery, well packed, +++++" (that's 5 pluses) while Paul said, "A very prompt payment, thank you." You can't get fairer than that.

I think Paul will enjoy spending his £14.06. Not a lot!


Anonymous said...

excellent info.
your page got bigged up on virgin radio last night.

Paul Daniels said...

Thanks for letting me know!