Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25

On February 25th 2006 Paul Daniels purchased a tin of half tone gramophone needles for only £6.50. He first bid £3.10 but was outbid by radiochiti who raised the game with a £6 bid. Paul was keen though and sealed the deal with his £6.50 bid... he will also have paid £1.50 for postage costs.

The seller, lovedaylemon was clearly impressed with Paul as he/she left great feedback saying, "Lightning fast payment. Happy to trade again. Thank you" and Paul was obviously impressed by the service also as he left positive feedback stating, "Very good. Thank you."

Also on February 25th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased some 78rpm records. These were won in four separate auctions although they were bought from only two sellers; cricketrosie26 and katrinavonita.

From cricketrosie26 he bought Pat Boone's 'It's Too Soon To Know' (1958, London) and The Platter's 'Only You'/'Great Pretender' (1956, Mercury) and only paid 99p each with no other bidders. Both discs were described as having scuffed shellac but good condition paper sleeves.

From katrinavonita he bought Glenn Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade' and the Saint's Jazz Band's recording of 'Savoy Blues'/'When The Saints Go Marching.' Again each of these were purchased for only 99p each with no other bidders. Paul must have been like a kiddy in a sweet shop!
All of these items are clearly companion pieces to the HMV soundbox that Paul purchased on February 12th. I wonder if he regularly uses an old fashioned gramophone? Or maybe he is planning some kind of gramophone related illusion?

cricketrosie26 was obviously happy to deal with Paul and left him good but not overly effusive feedback. For both transactions she left the words, "good payer". katrinavonita was more upbeat in her praise although it was similarly themed as for both her transactions she left the words, "Fast Payment Very Good Ebayer". Paul was clearly impressed with both sellers as for all four transactions he left the positive feedback, "Very good. Thank you."

I think Paul will enjoy listening to his 78rpm records as they are played by the needles in his tin. Not a lot!

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