Monday, March 20, 2006

March 20

On March 20th 2006 Paul Daniels sold two different Mamiya cameras on ebay making £328.80 in the process. Well done Paul!

I'll do what I can to describe the two auctions with as much detail as possible although it might get complicated because they both had multiple bidders involved.

So... his Mamiya C330 Professional F Twin Lens Reflex Camera in a padded camera bag went for £157.80.
It had with it a 46mm Mamiya-Sekor lens with UV filters and a 135mm Mamiya-Sekor lens with Skylight (1B) filters and lens caps (front and back) and a Courtenay Light Meter in Belt Carrying Case (as new) [needs a standard 'oblong' 9v battery]and Paul declared the condition of the camera and all the parts to be very good.

Paul had wrongly identified the lens as 46mm (that was to do with the screw in filter size, d'oh... the lenses are actually 80mm and 135mm) but even so it didn't put bidders off. pandapoops kicked proceedings off with a derisory bid of 99p. philiplloyd2006 then took control with a £2 bid rising to £10 and £11. He was seen off by a bid of £20 by juanito6cars who hung on for a while with bids of £24, £26.50, £35.45 and £40 but then it was robbagley0's turn. His £75 bid wasn't good enough for long and he was soon up to £85 and then £90 before losing his grip to rentadora who also had a 3 bid tenure. First £94 was enough, then £100 and £105 but rentadora was unwilling or unable to best 1117shelteredtree's bid of £115. mikkyblue took the lead with bids of first £120 then £125 but oligh spoiled his party with £131 and then £141. rasibuz bid £152.80 which looked like it would do the job but ianf4 managed to offer up a further fiver and £157.80 was enough to make it his. Well done ianf4. Well done Paul.

The other camera was a MAMIYA 645 1000S. Paul declared it to be in really good condition. It was also in a padded Camera Bag and came with a HOVE PRO-GUIDE Mamiya Book on Medium Format Systems, a Mamiya Sekor C 80mm Lens and a 220 Roll film adapter in original case. Paul added that it was fitted with a Cokin Filter Holder.

There were even more bids for this one. Again it started with a 99p bid, this time from snifferhann. kang123456 made it £12, annt15 made it £15 and both donnelly109uk and mart007uk put in bids of £20. As donnelly109uk had got in there first the pressure was on mart007uk to up the ante and he/she did with a bid of £25. That was soon doubled by rcdrake but eleganceglassware stole a march on them with bids of £55, £59 and £63 before dewdropn announced a presence with a £70 bid. mahluf was in the lead with an almost unbelievable £70.03 but surat19 made a more sensible offer of £75. dewdropn reentered the game by also bidding £75 and so surat19 went to £77. dewdropn had one last try with £79 but soon got out of the way when ross9635 stormed in with £90. rodrigoqbo bid first £94 then £98, £102, £106, £110, £114 and £118 and then mikkyblue popped up with £120. Do you remember mikkyblue from the other Mamiya camera auction? He must have really wanted to win one of them. rodrigoqbo was having none of it and came back with £122 and then £126. mikkyblue came back again this time with £131 and then £135. ross9635 who we'd last seen back at the £90 mark came in with £140 but half an hour later noahstephenson's £150 snatched it away. If you thought we'd seen the last of rodrigoqbo you were wrong. His £150 must have got in just before noahstephenson and so was technically winning the auction. So noahstephenson steps in with £155. mikkyblue returns with £160, noahstephenson parries with £161. rodrigoqbo just won't give it up and makes a last ditch effort with £166 but then right at the last noahstephenson puts up £171 and steals the day by buying the camera. Wow. What an auction.

Both the buyers were delighted. ianf4 gave Paul top marks with his feedback saying, "Very good ebay deal, excellent camera and safe delivery. Top marks!!!" while noahstephenson who was making his first ebay purchase said, "my first buy on ebay and paul made it a very pleasant one. no problems at all." At present Paul hasn't given either of them any feedback so it's impossible to know what he thinks of it all. But I'll bet he's happy.

I think Paul will enjoy spending his £328.80. Not a lot!

Monday, March 13, 2006

March 13

On March 13th 2006, Paul Daniels sold a film camera for a wopping £1015! That's more than a grand!

It must be a pretty serious bit of kit. It went under the title "BOLEX H16EL 400ft magazine KERN Vario-Switar lens etc" which doesn't mean a great deal to me... but the picture of it looks like an old-fashioned movie camera. I'm guessing it actually shoots film and not video or anything like that.

Paul goes into further description of the item telling potential buyers that they were bidding for a Bolex H16 EL (presumably the camera) plus a 400ft magazine (presumably that's the length of film it can take?) plus a KERN Vario-Switar 1:2/12,5-100mm multicoated lens (?) and Many Accessories which he then lists as: Four Gelatin Filters, Lens Back-Cap, Three Bolex Lens fittings, 12-24v Input for Bolex Cameras, Remote cable, 2 extender cables, empty spool, Ni CD Power Pack adapted for fast charging in leather shoulder strapped carrying case, large round lens hood, Bolex Battery Charger, larger Bolex Rapid Battery Charger, Bolex Accessories Brochure, small booklet of tables of focal lengths of lens, instruction manual for the 400ft magazine and a manual on the camera itself explaining its capabilities.

All of it is in a FITTED Carrying Case approximately 24" x 20" x 8" (Paul added the emphasis on FITTED, not me)

The only thing that could put potential bidders off would be the fact that the tripod pictured was not included in the auction - Paul was very clear about pointing that out so as to best avoid confusion.

There was a lot of bidding for the item starting at a frankly ridiculous £2 which was offered by both ima120 and daryl3585. photo_cine77 then entered the fray and bid £50 before releafer came on the scene. His initial leading bid of £100 was pushed up to £120 then £130 before maclexsteam briefly took the lead with £151. silviobonomi was leading the pack with £250 but £255 from malik78692 was enough to wrest that from him. But silviobonomi wasn't in any mood to be defeated so he came back with £300. He was defeated though when his old foe malik78692 stepped back in with £315. He was then pushed to £375 and then beaten by a £400 bid from ramonbust. ask.dr.nick then charged in with £410 but ramonbust stole it back with £450. This bid was then stretched first to £500 then £600 before barnfold34 was allowed to briefly dream of owning with Bolex with a cheeky £602.99 bid. ramonbust clearly didn't like that kind of messing around as he then came in with a big leap and £800. His bid rose to £900, £950 and even £955 before right at the end destined212 stole it away with that massive £1015 bid. Well done destined212. Well done Paul Daniels. ebay watchers might be interested to observe that ramonbust is no longer registered with ebay. Hmmm... it would be wrong to speculate but often that hints at some kind of wrong-doing. Like I say though, it would be wrong to speculate.

Anyway, this is a huge result for little Paul Daniels and I'm sure he was absolutely delighted to make over a thousand pounds on ebay.

destined212 was certainly delighted with the whole thing... his feedback says, "This guy is excellent! Great communication and a great purchase!" I can't find Paul's feedback so right now I can't say what he thinks of it all. I will update this page as and when it becomes clearer.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy spending his £1015. Not a lot!