Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3

On April 26th 2006, Paul Daniels purchased a book for only 22p!

This has got to be one of Paul's best ebay experiences ever. So, he paid 88p for postage taking the total to £1.10 and the book looks pretty ropey... it's a 1964 pot boiler called Jealousy published by Monarch Books.

The seller provides this bit of teasing information in order to tempt you:
A compelling novel of a woman trapped by one man's obsessive mistrust.

Jim Venters reminded himself that he still had no first-hand evidence of his wife's infidelity. Could it be his imaqination — as Marna claimed? Was he being unfair to Marna? Nonsense! It was her way of putting him off the track. He suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. The thought that many men knew her body intimately, were aware of her love mannerisms, her ardor, the passionate animalism of her love-making, was too much for Jim. He walked down the street, looking at this man, that man, wondering: Is it he? Could it be that dark one? Or that dapper, sophisticated character over there? He groaned. For all he knew it could be ALL OF THEM.

But I don't think that's what persuaded Paul to part with his £1.10. No, I think it was because the book was written by... wait for it... Paul Daniels!

It is unlikely to be him, Paul was working hard in the working men's clubs at that time but that's what makes it such a great purchase. Paul has paid almost nothing for a great talking piece. He will have actual conversations with people about it and they will all smile at the oddness of finding something written by someone with the same name as him.

The seller has let the world know how great an ebayer Paul is with his great feedback: "Prompt Payment, Thanks for Sale, Good ebayer - Item on its way." No doubt when the item arrives Paul will leave feedback for the seller (bobs_and_bit) too.

I think Paul is going to enjoy owning 'his' book. Not a lot!


Gareth J M Saunders said...

You can only assume that he stumbled upon this item, surely, because he was searching for his own name on eBay!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a really nice blog!

Paul Daniels said...

I think you're probably right gareth j m saunders... I think you're probably right. So that make two of us who regularly search for him on ebay!

Hi anonymous: thanks for the kind words!