Saturday, May 06, 2006

May 6

On May 6th, Paul Daniels purchased a 5 DVD box set. This purchase proves that Paul is not just into horror films, he is also into Westerns.

Paul has purchased the first season of the classic, vintage Western TV programme, The Big Valley. It was made in the mid-1960s but set in the 1870s. It stars Barbara Stanwyck as Victoria Barkley, the widowed matriarch of a clan of wealthy California ranchers. Ove the season the family is visited by an array of characters both benevolent and otherwise, from horse thieves to revolutionaries, while facing their own heartaches, loves, and personal triumphs. Richard Long, Lee Majors, and Linda Evans co-star.

Paul paid $27.99 for the item plus $15.99 for postage from Santa Monica to his home in Wargrave, Berkshire. This item was nearly a May 5th purchase but Paul completed the transaction at 43 minutes past midnight on May 6th.

The DVD hasn't even been officially released yet but the seller, seymorb, makes it clear that while it might be despatched pre-release, no one will actually receive the item until the official release date of May 16th. This is perfectly right and fair and in accordance with ebay's rules.

Seymorb left Paul positive feedback saying, "A++ experience, highly recommend. Thanks for a positive transaction!" That's two pluses and an exclamation mark to emphasise just how positive the transaction really was. As yet, Paul has not left feedback in return.

I think Paul will enjoy watching his classic Western TV series on DVD. Not a lot!

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