Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 7

On May 7th, Paul Daniels purchased a DVD of the 1999 slasher horror film Tower of Evil. It was directed by James O'Connolly and stars Anna Palk, Bryant Haliday, Jack Watson and Jill Haworth.

The film is also known as Beyond The Fog and Horror On Snape Island. It is about some archaeologists who are searching for Phoenician gold. They journey to a small and seemingly innocuous island off the coast of England. There they become the hapless victims of a murderous onslaught.

Paul paid US $10.11 for the DVD (approximately £5.44) and he ended the auction early by taking the 'Buy It Now' option at 9.18 am.

The seller (digitaldogpound) left great feedback for Paul, saying "Thank You! Come back again to the DigitalDogPound" and I'm sure Paul will respond with good feedback as and when he receives the DVD.

I think Paul will enjoy watching his slasher horror film on DVD. Not a lot!


Daihardtoo said...

Maybe not such a shrewd purchase by Paul - the seller claims that this item is "EXTREMELY RARE & HARD TO FIND" - yet a search on E-bay reveals two similar items currently listed.

Having said that, they both have a 'Buy It Now' price of just £12.99 plus £2.00 postage.

If Paul made this purchase due to the claim of rarity, he may be disappointed, but if he was looking forward to watching the film then he may will be very happy that he saved £4.20 compared with these listings (even after paying a whopping $9.95 for International postage!).

Paul Daniels said...

Thanks for the great info Daihardtoo. It looks like Paul has snapped up a bargain. If there's one thing my site has proved it;s that Paul knows his way around ebay.

Anonymous said...

this sucks

Helm said...

WTF this is one crazy website.
Why is the big question i want to know?
This website is odd and thats putting it lighty.

have fun chasing PD, laters

The Paul Daniels said...

I don't know who is writing under my name, but I don't buy on eBay, I do occasionally sell stuff. For several months (just about all this year, I have hardly sold anything.
The Real Paul Daniels

Peter said...

This item purchased is certainly of interest:

Seems that Debbie has an interesting taste in boots..

Paul Daniels said...

Firstly... can I just say, "WOW!" ... assuming that is the real Paul Daniels posting, I'm really very excited to have you along at the blog. Thanks for your support Paul!

(Mind you... it's a bit crazy saying you don't buy on ebay when it's obvious you do! Oh well... THAT'S MAGIC!!)

Secondly... thanks for that Peter... I'm afraid the item you're linking to is no longer findable on ebay as it is an old link. However, I presume you're referring to the kinky boots Paul bought and that can be seen on my blog entry for February 18 2006