Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14

On June 14, Paul Daniels sold an old polo shirt for a whopping £92! "How can a shirt owned by the magician be worth so much?" you ask. Well it was signed by the truly world famous Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne and their fellow X Factor judge, Louis Walsh and all of the contestants on a recent series of X Factor - Battle of the Stars which, as the name suggests was a celebrity version of the ITV1 singing talent contest. What's more the money wasn't going into Paul's pocket - the shirt was being sold for the READING MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SUPPORT CENTRE.

Paul Daniels and his wife, Debbie McGee, were recently contestants on the X Factor - Battle of the Stars series. Like all of the other 'celebrities' taking part they were doing so for charity. Paul and Debbie were booted off the show on the first night so through no fault of their own, less money was raised for their charity than it would have been had they had the voices to hang around for a while. So, when the final night came and all of the 'celebrities' returned to the show Paul grabbed an old shirt from a charity golf day and asked them all to sign it. And they did.

The list of autographs on the shirt is as follows:
Simon Cowell, (Mr Nasty but really a nice guy); Sharon Osborne (Earth Mother to all contestants); Louis Walsh (If your Irish you are in with a chance); Paul Daniels (International Sex Symbol and Body Builder); Debbie McGee (known as the Lovely!); The Four Singing Chefs (much better at cooking!!!); Michelle Marsh (Steady lads); Matt Stevens (runner up and England Rugby prop); Rebecca Loos (signed this in VERY high heels); James Hewitt (Attention!!!! Very military this lad); Dr Gillian McKeith (Ye canna eat THAT!); Lucy Benjamin (THE WINNER); Nikki Sanderson (Stunning); Chris Moyles (Radio 1 presenter, contestant, and will he EVER be serious?); Kate Thornton (X Factor presenter); Ben Shepherd (ITV2 aftershow presenter); John and Cece ('Invisible voice coaches and a good act in their own right); Yvie (Voice coach, great singer and damn good looking woman); AND the Incredible, the Wonderful, the Best Dressed Man in Town - Mark Hudson.

As you can probably tell, the comments in brackets aren't mine, they are the comments of Paul Daniels himself who included them as part of the ebay listing.

There were 23 bids in total - what an exciting auction - and I'll do my best to describe the ebay action:
tucsonelpres and caz1285 both started with bids of £5. caz1285 must have got in first but tucsonelpres was having none of it and immediately raised it to £6. Then thebubba666 came in with a devilish offer of £15 which was pushed up to £20 not long after. caz1285 showed how keen he/she was with a new bid of £25 before tucsonelpres returned to the fray with a bid of £30. This revealed an already existing £30 from thebubba666 so tucsonelpres upped the ante with a £34 bid that was later pushed to £35. caz1285 then took the reins once more with a £40 and then a £50 offer which again was matched by thebubba666. thebubba666 was then raised to £60 but a cheeky £60.01 from caz1285 took the initiative. caz1285 was pushed up to £70 but was matched by thebubba666 so caz1285 went in with an extra tenner and made it £80. You probably thought that tucsonelpres was no longer in the running but he came back with £84. A new bidder - markcwhu - then came in with £86 but tucsonelpres clung on with another slight increase, this time to £88. Another new bidder - gowj11 -came in on the final day with a £90 bid and probably thought they'd nabbed the shirt before a late bid from secretsbl won the day with £92. They will have paid a further £4 for the postage and packaging.

secretsbl is clearly delighted with the purchase and took time with his/her feedback to praise not only Paul's ebay-selling but also his magic ability saying: Exactly as you would expect. FANTASTIC. A1 Magician A1 Seller. Many thanks. A++

All in all this is a wonderful story and I am very happy that Paul has put his ebay magic to work not for fun and profit but for charity. If you would like to make a donation to the Reading Multiple Sclerosis Centre you can do so by visiting their page here.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy the warm glow of knowing that he has done such a wonderful thing for a good cause. Not a lot!


BHB said...

Love this site (Not a Lot!) Hope you don't mind but I posted a link on my site.
Keep up the good work :)

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City Slicker said...

Hi When can we expect the next post? The blog is noted on Metro's website so I was hoping for a recent post.

Baz said...

What a fantastic idea for a blog. Top work, squire. I only came across it after buying an old Paul Daniels magic set in a charity shop for an article on my site and deciding to Google Mr D to see what he was up to these days. Profiting from the ebay money making machine, it seems. Good on 'im!

Jon Stead said...

Wheeeey richard and judy.

Riff said...

I saw Dave Gorman on the richard and judy show today talking about his favourite blogs and he mentioned this one. He's right, it's certainly entertaining

Anonymous said...

You got mentioned on richard and judy the other night. Awesome x

Paul Daniels said...

Thanks everyone... nice to hear. If anyone has a vhs of the Richard & Judy thing I'd love to see it.

Maybe you can sell it on ebay and Paul and I can both bid for it!!

To city slicker... I only post when Paul has been active on ebay so we'll just have to wait and see!