Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9

On June 9, Paul Daniels snapped up another horror film bargain paying $10.99 (approx £5.80) for a DVD featuring a Del Tenney double bill. That means he paid about $5.495 (approx £2.90) for each of the two films.

The films were "The Horror of Party Beach" and "The Curse of the Living Corpse." These are cult, low-budget horror flicks from the 1960s but this DVD was only released in March 2006 and I'm impressed that Paul has already secured himself a cheap and cheerful copy even though he has had to pay almost the same again ($10.50) to have the DVD shipped to his Berkshire home from Canada.

Paul was the only bidder and ended the auction early by paying the asking price to the seller, lhobo who was clearly delighted with the transaction declaring that Paul was a "pleasure to do business with, highly recommended."

I'm sure Paul will greatly enjoy watching this double bill DVD. Not a lot!

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