Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10

On July 10 Paul Daniels purchased yet another horror film on DVD.

The House That Would Not Die was made for TV in 1970 and stars Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Egan. Being made-for-TV means it is something of a rarity - in fact the ebay listing described it as "SUPER RARE" - and surely something that Paul will be very happy to add to his burgeoning horror-DVD collection.

In the film Stanwyck and her niece inherit a Revolutionary war house filled with ghosts, murder and a terrible secret. At some point a voice from the grave calls out “Amy, Come Home" and at another point there is a complete dream sequence!

The DVD includes a full menu, selected theatrical trailers (although why a made for TV movie had theatrical trailer is not explained), features and scene access. It comes in a clamshell case with a 3 panel Color insert. The seller went out of their way to explain that they "strictly abide by all Ebay listing policies!"

Paul paid $13.45 for this particular disc of horror (approx £7.11) beating bids of $9.95 from fozzcorp and $12.95 from tallcoolone1967. However, as the disc was being sent from the American midwest, Paul will have had to pay a whopping $8 to cover the post and packaging.

The seller says in the listing "We will leave feedback within a short time after having feedback left for us. As with all Ebay buyers, and sellers, we are looking forward to a pleasant transaction!" which makes the distressing news I bring you next all the more interesting.

In the entire time I have been monitoring Paul's ebay activity I have never seen him receive bad feedback, nor have I seen him leave any for anyone else. Until now.

If there is any criticism to make of Paul and his ebay activity it is to say that he is not very good at leaving feedback. Maybe he has decided that it is not essential to the smooth running of ebay. Prior to writing this Paul had last left feedback on March 6, when, at 7.55pm, he left the comment "very good thank you" on 13 separate transactions, that had been made much earlier ... some of them predating this blog. Since then, nada. When he does leave feedback, I always work back through the blog and update the relevant entry so that the feedback is noted in the same post as the original transaction is noted. It seems to make sense. Anyway... this purchase was made on July 10 and on August 12, Paul made what I believe is his first ever negative comment in the feedback section.

"This was the longest that I have ever had to wait for a delivery of any product"


Even though Paul clearly feels very let down by the slow delivery of this item (over one month!) I am sure he will greatly enjoy watching the horror flick about a house that would not die. Not a lot!

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