Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18

On August 18, Paul Daniels failed to sell this spectacular set of golf clubs.
Despite offers reaching over £410, the reserve was not met and the clubs remain unsold.

However, three other golf clubs were successfully sold for £22. I will describe the failed auction first:

They are an astonishing set of golf clubs manufactured in 1988 by the company Swilken of St Andrews and they are made out of the metal from the propellor from the cruise liner the QEII!!

They must have been very large propellors as they made 7500 sets of clubs out them! The set Paul was selling was number 334. I can't think why Paul had bought them as according to the listing on ebay, the clubs are still in the wrapping, in the original foam and in the original crate.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in these as they would be a great souvenir for someone who loves their golf and would make a great wall display on a club house wall. More importantly, Paul, aware of how attractive a set of clubs they were was offering to show them to any prospective buyers who wanted to drop in on his Berkshire home. I would have thought the chance to meet Paul alone would have aroused some interest but sadly not enough.

Clearly aware that this was an item deserving a high price Paul was concerned that buyers might not trust him - after all, buying online can feel a bit risky at times. Paul has an advantage here though as he has a reputation that cannot be beaten as a much-loved entertainer. Which is why he added to the product listing: If you are outside the UK and don't know whether to trust me, well, you can just about ask anyone from the UK to vouch for me. Look at to find out what I mean!

I wonder if any potential buyers from America did ask their English buddies to explain who Paul Daniels was and if they did... I wonder what answer they got? Whatever people think of Paul as a magician, I cannot imagine anyone thinking he was a dishonest man and any potential buyer would have been sure to trust him.

The auction started with several mistaken bids which were withdrawn. On August 12, the first incorrect bid came from a mrozinski5 whose £25.01 was then withdrawn. That was at 11.32 am, but at 21.51 that evening harleysoflittleport made an incorrect bid of £444 and not long after teb44947 made an incorrect bid of £66 at 22.18.

The incorrect bids continued the next day with artyffects making a £450 bid at 20.57 and chameleon trading international making a £100 bid at 03.13. Oh dear... this was a very inauspicious start.

Never mind... on August 15 worldwideaudiobooks made a serious offer of £100 which was later topped by a bid of £250 from 17net. 17net's bid was stretched to £270 and then £300 before worldwideaudiobooks seized control with a cheekt £300.03. 17net took back the initiative with a £350 offer but it swung back to worlwideaudiobooks with £400.01 which was then outdone with an extra tenner and a £410.01 bid from 17net.

Sadly this wasn't enough and the clubs, which had a 'buy it now' price of £1500 !! remained unsold having not reached their reserve.

Now... the successfully sold clubs were rather different and had no QEII connection.
They were wooden shafted clubs and Paul described them as being in good condition although he did say that one of the clubs had a rivet holding the shaft to the head of the club.

Paul described the three clubs as follows:

Club 1: Warranted Hand Forged; MID-IRON; Special

Club 2: Made in Scotland; Hand Forged; Special; H Donegan Hanging Heaton; H Logans; The GENII Model Mashie-Niblick (please note the head on this club is slightly loose)

Club 3: Warranted Hand Forged; Jack White Autograph; Driving Iron (there is also a small circular logo on the head of this club)

Paul doesn't say which 'Jack White' has autographed the third club, but I doubt it is the one out of The White Stripes. (A popular band)

The bidding for this item started with a cheeky £1.55 offer from roialt. This was followed with a bid of £5 from chameleon trading international (which explains their incorrect big for the other clubs somewhat.) This bid was pushed to £10 before magicmayo came in with a £14.99 offer. This was pipped by chameleon trading international with a £15 bid but they weren't in the game for long. fatbig1 came in with a £17 bid, then £20 before magicmayo came back once more with a £21.21 offer. But fatbig1 would not be denied and took the item with a £22 bid. Well done fatbig1.

I imagine Paul will enjoy looking at the golf clubs he still owns and knowing that even though he was ready to part with them he is still has the 334th set of clubs to be made from the QEII propellor as well as the £22 he made by shifting the three wooden shafted clubs. Not a lot!


boyd said...

don't buy anything from chameleon trading international on ebay...his name is nafiz and he's crook...I paid him $200 for a bicycle and never sent it to me and still left a negative feedback on my account...this guy sucks

Paul Daniels said...

Thanks for the heads up boyd! I'll certainly be sure to look out for them and avoid them like the (bubonic) plague!

Maybe you could start a blog called Chameleon Trading International's Ebay Transactions to monitor them and spread the word? Just a thought!