Friday, August 25, 2006

Is this Paul Daniels too?

Hmmm... I offer today's post as something of an oddity as I have no way of confirming whether or not it is related to the Paul Daniels.

As well as there is, of course, and also, an Irish variation,

As far as I am aware they are all connected and there is no reason for anyone to have specific accounts on more than one version... although I may be wrong about this. Anyway, while researching my blog I discovered a recent item sold on that was bought by a user with the name Normally I wouldn't give this much thought... after all it must be quite a common name and on the internet where you can call yourself anything you want to, there is no way of knowing whether or not someone is using their real name. Maybe it was a Paul Daniels fan who was responsible, who knows.

However, something about the transaction aroused my suspicion. The item was sold on June 22. It was listed as a "SUPERB 1930's CIRCULAR BRASS FRONT DOOR BELL PUSH", it had been professionally polished and was in very good condition and the seller was the rather inappropriately named bell-pull. So far, so ordinary. The item was based in Reading - close to Paul's Wargrave mansion. Okay, so that's probably a coincidence. There were 5 bids, starting with bigbadbex666 who offered £14 before thurgo made it £16. rowlandoffice2000 upped the ante to £21, bigbadbex666 re-entered the fray and came in with £23.43 and then the mysterious is-it-or-isn't-it-him stole the item with a £24.43 bid at the last. (Approximately EUR36.15)

The seller had jazzed up their listing with some background graphics. Here's a small version of what a part of their page looked like:

Now any keen observer of Paul Daniels' ebaytivity - and I count myself amongst them - would instantly recognise that graphic from Paul's listing for a lamp post that I described in the post dated August 21. I know a lot of you won't have seen the original ebay page so I have taken the liberty of grabbing a version and here it is:

It is instantly recognisable as the same graphic. So on June 22, someone with the user name buys a 1930s door-bell-push that is advertised using a particular background graphic and almost exactly one month later the Paul Daniels sells a victorian lamp post and advertises it using exactly the same background graphic!! It could be a coincidence I'm sure, but it's certainly possible that a shrewd seller such as Paul saw and liked the graphic and realised it had been useful in attracting his attention and so decided to use the same for his own 'victoriana.' As I said at the top of this post;'hmmm.'

Is it possible that Paul Daniels has more than one active ebay account? If it's true then it opens up a whole world of possibilities for this blog and a whole host of other transactions that should be included... such as a shock-mount for a microphone (the kind of thing someone planning to record some podcasts might want?) an insect screen for a window (the kind of thing someone who lives by a river might want?) and a mains charger for an ipod... (does Paul own an iPod... if he's planning podcasts (which he is) he probably does...)

I wonder if it was the real Paul Daniels. If so, I'm sure he will enjoy his 1930s door-bell-push. Not a lot!


Timmy Jimmy said...

Greetings fellow blogger, I have jsut become aware of paul Daniels the magician here in the U.S. I purchased his masterclass dvd. I am looking for a performance/description of his "three little bears" Professors Nightmare routine, either dvd, video or in print.
Can you help"
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I think you're fucking crazy. Leave the poor guy alone and get a fucking life. Go rip off some people on EBay or something. Go harass some chicks on Myspace.

You = Loser.

Anonymous said...

Great detective work - I have to say it seems there are too many coincidences, and the description is very similarly worded - my vote is that this is indeed Paul using another ebay account !
Great blog, keep up the good work !

Paul Daniels said...

Hi timmy jimmy... not a lot I can do to help you with that one. (Geddit? "not a lot!") You might try popping over to Paul's own blog and asking there. He's very approachable and willing to help. He's at!

Paul Daniels said...

Hi angry anonymous person. I think the fact that you are resorting to such bad language demonstrates quite clearly which of us is the user!

Paul Daniels said...

Hello friendly anonymous person... I tend to agree so, so far that's two votes to nil in favour!

Anonymous said...

I think it is definately Paul Daniels.I view it in a more mysterious way.What is he up to? Is it him selling,or is it debbie?
Anyway,remembering Lionel Blair and Liza Goddard on Give Us A Clue,got me thinking!
What have we got in common here?:
1: The name Paul Daniels!
2: The Location: Reading,near Pauls Mysterious Magic Mansion!
3: The Background Graphics!
4: The wording: ''It has been professionally polished and is in very good condition.Although i have not tested it,i cannot see why it should not work when properly wired up ''!... Pure Paul Daniels!.....ISH?!

The Mystery!
Why would Paul Daniels sell AND buy the same item,to and from himself, and NOT add his usual extra bit of advice on how to correct it yourself?!

The conclusion ( mine anyway )

He did not!
I think the seller is actually Debbie McGee,selling their items of furniture from a friends house in Reading,WITHOUT Pauls knowledge.Obviously,she has craftily blocked Pauls normal ebay ID from bidding on them,in case he finds out.
Unfortunately,Paul 'Lionel Blair' Daniels,is a lot more crafty,and knows what his wife is like,so decides to create a new ego fed * bloody obvious * ebay ID,once he has discovered what she is up to,after noticing the pieces are missing!Using this new * bloody obvious * ebay ID,and slipping under the scope of debbie's eye radar,manages to win the item back.

The Psychology

Debbie is a woman!
Paul is a vastly superior,mentally perfected male man!


Debbies obvious weaker female mind,over a couple of decades,succumbs to the influence of pauls ever commanding presence,and picks up his little ways of thinking and writing!Hence,the similarities,...But Not A Lot,...Between the wording ( notice the new lines,the odd comma,sizing etc?! ).
I think we may have stumbled upon a bit of secret habitual turmoil in their relationship here,which could be leading towards a divorce in the future.The sleepy village of Wargrave will be rocking over this,if it turns out to be debbie selling the door bell push all along!

You Read It Here First Folks!!!

Anonymous said...

Also,adding to my above long comment and conclusion.Only Debbie McGee,influenced by Paul Daniels and his way with cleaning and caring for his posters and Harping On About It,would have been weak minded enough to be influenced enough,to polish a door bell push Professionally,before selling it,and actually Harp On about it as if it is what represents the quintessential quality of the actual seller and the item,which will all rub off on whoever buys or wins it.A very obvious Hyper Intelligent way of selling an item on ebay,that has an almost exact replicated effect,as mentioning their names has on their other ebay transactions.
Who needs to mention a celbrities name when selling an item on ebay,when all the have to do,is Professionally Polish Their Bell Push and mention it?!!!

It has got to be Debbie McGee!!!

declan said...

A few years ago a guy was watching paul daniels ebay purchases, his main purchases were dvd`s.and he said that paul daniels very rarely left feedback for his purchases.This is paul daniels email address, or it was 5 or 6 years ago.
Hope this is of interest.