Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8th

On March 8th, Paul Daniels made a very surprising ebay purchase, snapping up seven books about magic!

You might think there is nothing odd about a magician buying some magic books but bear in mind that Paul is one of the world's most well known and skilled conjurers and these are books aimed mainly at children. There is nothing in these books that Paul doesn't already know.

And to make it even weirder, two of the books are Wizbit books... the character that Paul himself created for children's television!!

The seven books were: Mickey Mouse Magic Tricks, The Usborne Complete Book of Magic, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, Book of Magic, The Magic Book, Wizbit Magic Games and Wizbit Instant Magic.

Why Paul was buying books that he can learn absolutely nothing from is something we can only guess at. My guess is that he is doing a shrewd bit of business. He was the second bidder and nipped in at the last to secure the books for only £3.21 and even with the heavy £9 paid for postage and packing it doesn't add up to much per book.

Now imagine if Paul was to list the items again? As a famous magician, he might attract more bidders and people might be fooled into thinking he learned his skills from the Usborne Complete Book of Magic! Suddenly the book is worth a lot more than he paid for it. Just by signing the Wizbit books they would increase in value. While he has spent only £12.21 to buy these titles, he could easily shift them for nearer £50 and you can't argue with a profit of £37.79, even if you are a TV millionaire. Now that's magic!

Of course maybe Paul was just buying them in order to get hold of copies of some Wizbit merchandise that he had perhaps lost in amongst the whirl of his showbiz heyday. That's two guesses from me now. What's your guess? Why do you think Paul Daniels bought these books? I'd love to know.

In the meantime, I'm sure Paul will enjoy his books about rudimentary magical techniques. Not a lot!


MrSoup said...

Coming from the same town that Paul was born in, I think he would have bid on this auction not for the majority of the other magic books, but in fact just for the two Wizbit books only - he recently seems to have taken an interest in reviving or securing his Wizbit 'brand' once more - converting the original Beta tapes of the TV show to DVD (then throwing the Beta tapes away!).
Perhaps he's planning a revised version of the books or just wants to bask in some retro 1980s nostalgia!

casswillnukeem said...

i sold paul daniels a wizbit annual which maybe the same time as these. i was so chuffed as no-one i know except for my sisters remember the legendary childrens show and it was good to sell it back to its rightful owner.
growing up with the likes of paul daniels, cilla black and jeremy beadle(RIP) made me the person i am today.

David Hughes said...

My name is David Hughes, and I was the original owner of these books. I was a huge Paul Daniels fan when I was little, and used to buy all his magic books and props... to think 20+ years later, the person to buy these books from me would be Paul Daniels himself... that was mindblowing. Something to some day tell my children and grandchildren! You can read my blog about the purchase on my myspace page, entitled "The most MAGIC ebay experience ever!"