Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 15

On April 15 2007, Paul Daniels sold a DVD of his children's TV show, Wizbit, about the magical character Wizbit from the planet WOW. The episode in question came from series two and was titled Punchinello.

Unfortunately I cannot illustrate this entry to my blog with a picture of the DVD because Paul didn't illustrate his ebay listing with a photo saying, "There is no point in putting a photograph because we have all seen what a DVD looks like." Quite right Paul, we do.

The listing is short and sweet but holds some real interest for regular visitors to this blog. It starts, unusually, with an introduction. Most people wouldn't start an ebay listing with the words, "Hello, I'm Paul Daniels" but then most people aren't selling things that relate so directly to themselves and their renown as an international entertainer.

Paul's listing continues, "...I recently acquired all rights to Wizbit, the magical character from the planet of WOW. Amongst the assets were some original recordings on the old 1" tapes and I have had them copied onto DVD by a professional company. The DVD is in the UK format of DVD PAL. Each programme runs just under 10 minutes and there is one programme on each DVD. This is the first one I am releasing and dependant (sic) upon interest I may be releasing the others [...] Let me know if you have any questions - they play in a DVD player, of course. All the programmes incorporate magic and puzzles and some great characters. I think I am in all of them and Debbie is in some of them."

There you go. What more could you ask? Everything is there... any bidder knows they are bidding for one DVD with one ten minute episode of Paul's great kids TV show starring himself and possibly his wife Debbie.

It's interesting also to see the entrepreneurial side of Paul emerge... he has acquired the rights to his own TV show and it is he himself who has had them transferred on to the modern DVD format (albeit using a professional company.) Will future episodes be released... well, that will depend on the interest generated by this sale! How fantastic is that! Paul is a shrewd businessman indeed! Three cheers for that.

So by now you are probably dying to know how the bidding went. Well, evanselec made several bids, first £3, then £4 and then £5 but never managed to wrest control away from skip-e76 who had made an earlier £5 offer. skip-e76 probably thought the item was theirs for the taking and must have been frustrated when cpellington1 swooped in with a £5.50 offer to steal it at the last.

cpellington was clearly delighted by the purchase and left the feedback to prove it saying, "fast delivery, great condition, would recommend A*****" Yup, that's a whole 5 stars there!

It will be interesting to see if this is enough to convince Paul to release the shows as whole series or just to release further 10 minute episodes on DVD. Perhaps a commercial distributor will swoop in and buy the series from him and save Paul the hassle of duplicating the DVDs himself.

Of course, while I'm sure Paul is truthful when he says that he used a professional company to transfer the shows from tape to DVD a quick glance at my post titled March 14 tells us that he is more than equipped to duplicate copies for any other interested parties. For what it's worth, I think a whole series would probably sell for £10 or more but that £5.50 for one ten minute episode is probably a bit steep. But that is just my opinion and that is the wonderful thing about ebay. It allows sellers to find what the market will stand and in this instance, two people were prepared to buy the episode for a fiver and one buyer was prepared to go that extra 50p.

Right now I am worried about these Wizbit related transactions and fear it might not prove to be a Wiz bit of "Biz" for Paul. He does not say how he acquired the rights to the series but it is safe to assume that some money must have changed hands. Add to that the cost of the duplicator he e-bought on March 14 (£199.95 + £29.95 p&p) and you can see he is down a fair bit on the deal. He so far has one sale at £5.50 so there is a long way to go before this deal makes a profit for Paul - at least in this, the ebay arena. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, financial worries aside, I'm sure Paul will enjoy the £5.50 he received from the sale of his Wizbit DVD and I'm sure he will also enjoy the knowledge that once again a child's mind is being entertained by his magical ways. Not a lot!


Will said...

Great blog PD. I've learnt a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! 10 minutes for £5.50!!! Brilliant work mate, keep it up!

Paros Shepherd said...

Cleaver. It must be fun writing about a character like Paul.

You might be interested in a new eBay listing: Filmmaking Workshop on a Greek island:


Anonymous said...

Good work Paul Daniels, I've really enjoyed your blog.

I was just wondering what Paulo's eBay ID is. Just because I'd like to keep an eye on him!


Paul Daniels said...

His ebay ID is, unsurprisingly, pauldaniels:

Anonymous said...

Wow, how typically creative of him.


Anonymous said...

Paul's selling a 'swirl' bowl (pick up only)!

casswillnukeem said...

i sold paul daniels a wizbit annual which maybe the same time as these. i was so chuffed as no-one i know except for my sisters remember the legendary childrens show and it was good to sell it back to its rightful owner.
growing up with the likes of paul daniels, cilla black and jeremy beadle(RIP) made me the person i am today.

Anonymous said...

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