Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26th

On August 26th, Paul Daniels bid for, but did not win, a remote control for a Nintendo Wii.

I think the seller !etty1978 did very well here. They know they have a highly desirable item and they know how to market it. They put this up for a one day auction and at a starting price of 99p! Within 24 hours it had gone up to £18.25! That's top quality ebaying.

Their listing gave all the vital information telling us that it was a "brand new and sealed Wii remote" and a "PAL - UK version" that "has never been used or taken out of the packet." They added that it "comes with 2 new batteries so is ready to play immediately" but also alerted people to the fact that it "does not inlcude the wii Play Game as they are being sold in another auction."

I like this listing. There's no room for confusion. No one who has a non PAL console can complain that it's the wrong remote. Nobody can complain that they thought it was the game they were buying. It is what it is and it says what it is. And it paid off.

The starting price was 99p but pearson081701 came in with a bid of £2.21. Paul was having none of that and upped it to £12.25, a bid that was later pushed to £14.75 before being usurped by adturb's bid of £16. Paul retaliated with £16.25 but he was fighting a losing battle an with only minutes to go, laurawilliams21 came in with £17.25 and then, ten seconds before the auction's end, lissigibson won the day with a bid of £18.25.

Five bidders, seven bids... it really was top ebay action. !etty1978 gave lissigibson great feedback saying, "Fast payment, a pleasure to sell to! Please call again" but I'll bet that what makes lissigibson really happy is the knowledge that she beat Britain's best magician in an ebay auction.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy the knowledge that lissigibson now owns a Wii Remote Control and he doesn't. Not a lot!

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