Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 5

There has been a long period of inactivity from Paul not just when it comes to ebay, but with all of his online existence. It seems from his blog that he has been suffering from a thyroid complaint. I was worried for a while when Debbie (his wife) posted an update on his site to reveal that, at one point he had even become a nightwalker on the cruise ship they were on. The image of little Paul wandering forlornly around a boat at night still haunts me. But I'm glad to say that he appears to be on the mend. Believe me, everyone here at Paul Daniels Ebay Transactions (it's only me!) wishes you well, Paul. Get well soon.

Well, there is evidence of his improvement with the placing of another item on ebay. It's a glass bowl with swirling design. Paul doesn't know too much about the item but wisely says, "The photographs say it all." - and I think he's right. I mean, just look:

Paul adds, "This is a beautiful 12 inch diameter shallow bowl (2.5 inches high) having a swirling design. I know that it is quite old as it used to belong to my wife's grandmother. I am afraid that I know nothing more."

In the posting options Paul decided to not post the item at all saying instead that it was available for local pick-up only. This seems to me to be a mistake from such an experienced ebayer as Paul. Maybe this is the night-walker ebaying and not the sharp as tacks magic man. It makes sense when it's an item like the cast iron lamp post, street light that he sold last August... it would be impossible to post. But with a 12 inch diameter glass bowl, while postage might have been prohibitively expensive to some it has surely reduced the potential buyers. While I would expect some people would consider the chance to visit Paul's Wargrave home would be an added bonus to the purchase there will be others who would like to buy the bowl but are just not prepared to drive to Berkshire to collect it. Hmmm. An odd choice to be sure.

And no doubt this is responsible for the poor performance of what is a lovely item. There has been only one bid, from a user called numpty07 who has snapped up the bowl for a measly 99p. Imagine that! For less than a pound numpty07 has bought a lovely glass bowl with swirling design that was formerly owned by Debbie McGee's grandparents and secured a visit to Paul Daniel's lovely riverside house. (Incidentally, you'll be glad to know that his house has been undamaged by the recent floods. The garden was soaked but the house was fine. Paul also came up with the novel idea of leaving his valuables in small inflatable boats which proved invaluable in the garage where water did land.)

It is too early to know if and when the bowl will be collected by numpty07 but I will do my best to keep you up to date with any information that reaches the public domain regarding this sale. I can tell you that while numpty07 has yet to leave feedback for Paul, Paul appears to be a bit unhappy with his 99p and has lashed out rather using the ebay tactic of neutral feedback saying, "An ordinary low price transaction, no comments either way." Oh Paul... I'm sure most ebayers agree, feedback shouldn't have anything to do with the price paid... it's all about how numpty07 conducted him or herself.

Oh well, I'm sure Paul will enjoy spending the 99p he has earned from selling this glass bowl with swirling design. Not a lot!

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