Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4

It's another day of mixed ebay fortunes for the magic man Paul Daniels. Yet more books; some sold, others less so. In other words, not.

First up is Monty Python's Big Red Book (Special Harback Edition) which is, as Paul notes in his ebay listing, not red and not a hardback. Paul rightly notes that these are clues to the "madness and silliness inside" and adds, "apparently all the Python team contributed to these pages that will lead you into a world of utter loonacy."(sic) and also gives us the all-important dimensions saying, "Approximately 11"(inches) x 9.75"(inches) and about 1/4"(inch) thick, the book has faded somewhat, but not the humour."

Paul was asking only £3 (+ £3 p+p) for this classic title and I am amazed to see that it did not sell.

As Monty Python might say, "This is a dead auction! It is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone on to meet it's maker!"

He had better luck with this book from another lunatic comedy team of yesteryear; The Goodies!

The Goodies Book of Criminal Records is described by Paul as having "one of those stiffish soft covers" and he notes that it is "full of the same idiocy as the Goons and the Python teams came up with."

He seems keen not to mislead people about the literary merits of the book, although anyone familiar with the Goodies will hardly need telling that "it is a great book to dip into, have a laugh, and move on. This is not War and Peace!"

Dimensions-wise Paul tells us the book is "Approximately 11"(inches) x 9.75"(inches) and about 1/4"(inch) thick" and he adds that "the book has faded somewhat, but not the humour"

He was asking £3 (plus £3 p+p) for this one as well and this time he made his money with ebay user dave9g84 snapping up the tome as the only bidder. Goodie for him. Goodie, goodie gum drop!

Paul's final auction of the day was this item which had been relisted after failing to sell on August 27. Paul obviously didn't think there was anything wrong with the listing as he left it unchanged for this second attempt - unfortunately keeping his mistake in mis-spelling the author's name. Once again, anyone searching ebay for works by Gordon Cruickshank won't have found this book which was, according to Paul, by Gordon Cruikshank! As Homer Simpson from The Simpsons might put it, "Doh!"

Three auctions and one sale! Oh dear. Come on Paul, pull your ebay socks up!

Still, I'm sure he will enjoy spending the £3 earned out of his Goodies sale. Not a lot!

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