Saturday, December 08, 2007

December 8th

Oh dear, when will Paul learn. We've been here before with the books he tried to shift in September. When things don't sell the first time it's rarely worth putting them back on. Especially if you're Paul Daniels... I mean, let's assume that the items you're selling do have an audience.

So people have seen them... and rejected them. I know it's hard to take, but listing them on ebay again costs money and it just seems unlikely that they'll sell a second time... unless you change something.

Paul didn't change a thing with these three posters. (There were actually two identical Tommy Cooper posters and one two-sided Kio poster) He was looking for the same expensive starting prices that the ebay community had shunned first time round and guess what... they shunned him again. The posters remain unsold.

Let's hope that our favourite magical ebayer learns his lesson this time.

Oh well, I'm sure Paul will enjoy continuing to own two posters advertising a Tommy Cooper video and one two sided poster advertising the Russian illusionist Kio. Not a lot!