Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 9th

I thought Paul was on to a surefire winner when I saw this item. It's colourful, it had a great description and it relates to magic so Paul Daniels' fans were sure to snap it up.

Sadly I was wrong. I'm afraid it looks like Paul has priced himself out of a buyer here.

The poster is 5' x 4' (feet) and has been preserved by having the natural acids removed and then mounted on cloth!

It is for a magician called OMO, who Paul describes as French although he is obviously not sure about that because he then adds (Belgian?)

Paul describes it as having "drawings of various effects from his stage show" and adds that it is "a good example of the period" but he neglects to say what that period is! A schoolboy error from the master ebayer.

Paul's starting price was £100 +£5 for postage and packing. There were, sadly, no bidders.

Oh well. I'm sure Paul will enjoy his continuing ownership of his OMO poster. Not a lot!

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