Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12

My first thought when I saw this auction was that Paul was making the same mistake all over again.

It's another great looking poster. It's colourful and magic related and would look great if displayed well but there was the same lack of historical detail as we witnessed with the unsold OMO poster and it was, I thought, similarly over priced.

It is 5'(feet) x 4'(feet) in size and as with all of Paul's recently offered posters it has had the acid removed from the paper by the team at the Public Records Office!

It is for a magician called Harold but Paul doesn't offer any information about him, only saying, "the language on the poster is French."

I don't speak French but I could make a passable attempt at translating it so why doesn't Paul? Harold presents the most terrifying of experiences: The Chopper of Heads. Real reincarnation of the Torturer of Paris. It's not hard to do. Come on Paul, make an ebay-effort!

Paul was asking £100 for the poster and a whopping £15 for postage and packaging... although he does say it "will have to go by courier as the Post Office here will not accept a postal tube of this size."

Anyway... to my surprise there were two bidders. The first has remained anonymous but he came in at £101. The second has the very magical ebay screen name of roberthoudin. (Any magic fan will know of the French magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin who many regard as the father of modern conjuring. Houdini - who surely even non-magic aficionados have heard of named himself in honour of Robert-Houdin.)

The ebay-user roberthoudin is clearly a big magic fan and has bought many other magic related items. Which explains why he was prepared to pay £103 for Paul's poster.

I'm sure Paul will enjoy spending his £103. Not a lot!

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