Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13

On January 13th Paul Daniels failed to win an auction for a refurbished HP Deskjet 1120C A3/A4 colour inkjet printer.

It was being sold by a professional company with the appropriate ebay name 'printer-trader-limited' who are an ebay power seller!

Their listing tells us that the printer has been "fully refurbished" by their "experienced HP engineers" and that it offers "fantastic colour printing" producing up to "7 pages per minute." They rightly assess that it would be suitable for "home and office use" - which sounds right up Paul's street because he no doubt wants it for his home office. (I wonder if it's something his new p.a. Kiersti has demanded?)

Their listing also says, "low low price of £59 +VAT" and lists their 0161 Manchester phone number... which makes what transpired a bit of an odd auction. It looks to me like they're offering these printers for £59.

It can't be their starting price on the auction because this auction started with a bid of £46 from funtington46, a bid that was soon overtaken by yonny_uk who took it first to £50 and then £57 before Paul stepped in and bid £61.

Which confuses me because surely that's more than they're telling people they will sell it for!

Not that it mattered because yonny_uk came back and won the day with a bid of £63 which won the day.

I'm sure yonny_uk will enjoy owning the Hewlett Packard Deskjet Printer and I'm sure Paul won't mind missing out. Not a lot!

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