Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11th

Yet more ebaytivity from Mr Daniels. I hope he keeps this up.

There were three exciting sales today and the three items were all very different. I'll start with the poster because regular readers will know the form by now.

Paul has cut (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) his usual intro about how the Public Records Office have treated his posters to ensure they remain in good condition and justify his high starting price... which is fair enough because if this was just a regular poster I can't imagine anyone being prepared to pay quite so much for it.

Then he describes the poster saying, "This is a GREAT French poster with very powerful graphics showing a MONSTER with a child held high and in another scene an Angel about to finish off the monster with a sword. Other colourful characters stand around."

It's fascinating to watch a master ebayer at work here, highlighting the key words, GREAT and MONSTER because Paul knows what sells.

"The signature of what I assume to be the printer or designer is printed in the centre," continues Paul, skilfully selling without committing himself to facts he can't back up, "and full details of the printers and the show are printed also."

"This poster is mounted on a cloth/canvas backing sheet and measures 37" x 50"
If you are a collector and seeking a 'different' look for your collection or display then this is perfect."
(I think I might have gone with caps for PERFECT here but I'm quibbling.)

Paul hasn't bothered to translate the French (Le Monstre et le Magicien = The Monster and The Magician) because he knows that's not important. What's important is the colourful monster and the style of the scene.

Paul was charging £15 for postage and packing and had a starting price of £100. He got it as well from a bidder called sms1899 who was making his third ebay purchase having already bought a GPS system for his car and tickets for Sunday In The Park With George at Studio 54 in New York. I'll bet this is his first purchase from a celebrity!

Next we have this "Highly Decorative and Coloured Native Mask.

Paul says, "It is a very attractive talking point and the only fault I can find with it is that the topmost 'spike' is missing a small part from the very top. A dab of gold paint and no one will know."

I like this tactic a lot. Many ebayers would use a dab of gold paint to cover up the imperfection on the grounds that the buyers simply wouldn't know. But not Paul. He tells us about the fault and advises us on how to deal with it. That kind of honesty inspires trust and ebay is built on trust.

And because we trust Paul we then don't mind him adding something like, "This looks much better in real life than it does in the photograph." to the listing. In the hands of a less sincere ebayer that would read as some kind of flim-flam but not from Paul. It simply means that in his honest opinion it does look better in real life.

Paul wanted £17 for the mask (which is 11"(inches) wide) and was charging £5 for postage and packaging. As with the French poster this was a one bid auction and Paul got his £17... this time from rodmedina06. Well done to them both.

But I've saved the best til last.

This leather and wood captain's chair attracted a lot of attention and a lot of bids.

Remember what I said about Paul's honesty and how instead of covering faults he pointed them out and explained how to deal with them? Well he's done it again here.

He starts off by explaining, "I had this hand made at great expense over 20 years ago and although it has been used on and off ever since, it shows remarkably little sign of wear." So we know it's in generally good condition.

But then he adds, "The only 'faults' that I can see are the cloth (canvas?) underside of the chair has come away at the front left (very easily fixed) and the top corners of the wooden arms have tiny pieces missing. Me? I would most likely use a wood plane to trim all the corners to match and that would fix that."

You see. It's perfect ebay behaviour. He really is a credit to the ebay community.

Paul adds that "the height is adjustable and it is a very comfortable chair." and as with the native mask we are now fully prepared to accept his opinion ("very comfortable") as fact. Perfect.

The chair was offered as for collection only Paul started off looking for a very reasonable £30.

Bidder 1 took it to £33 and Bidder 2 must have been consumed by other higher bids because Bidder 3 then stretched it to an improbable £44.44 before (ironically) Bidder 4 came along and made it first £73.76 and then £82.78. This is when Bidder 2 got their name on the board with a bid of £98 but a new bidder, a very determined Bidder 5 came along and dealt a deadly blow to Bidder 2's ambitions making it £100, £110 and then £120. Another new bidder joined in with Bidder 6 making it £125.99 but Bidder 5 wasn't giving up that easily and soon it was £130. Then £135 and then £140 with Bidder 5 still winning the day. Bidder 2 popped back in and made it £149 - a bid soon parried by Bidder 5's £150. Bidder 2 seriously raised the ante making it £192 but still it wasn't enough and jfpowell3 sealed the deal with a winning bid of £197... over 6 times what Paul had set as his starting offer! Crikey, that was exciting ebaying.

I'm sure the winning bidders will be delighted with their poster, mask and chair and I'm sure Paul will enjoy spending the £314 he made out of selling them. Not a lot!


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Any updates on Paul's ebay activity?

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There must have been more activity by now. I'm gagging for some ebay transactions.

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What a pity this blog petered out two years ago! Hilarious.

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