Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February 6th

On February 6th, Paul sold this old four drawer wooden filing cabinet. As I mentioned recently, Paul has started to exploit his celebrity status to make more money out of ebay and I say well done him for that. This item was listed as "Vintage Wooden Filing Cabinet property of Paul Daniels." He clearly understands that his ownership of the cabinet makes it more valuable to some... and why not. Just think of the things that will have been kept in this cabinet? Just imagine the stories this cabinet could tell?

"This old filing cabinet was refurbished by my father a long time ago and now has marks and scratches but not so much as to detract from the look," writes Paul with admirable honesty. You might see the other photo and wonder about the mismatched colour. But Paul is aware of this and like the quality ebayer he is he is quick to reassure potential buyers, writing, "Don't be confused by the different colour in the close up photograph of the drawer furniture. It shows lighter in the photo because of the flash. The full image in the photograph is very close to the colour of the cabinet." Thanks Paul. That's why I love your ebaying.

"This is a suspended file system in the drawers and the drawers do open and close smoothly, as they should," he explains, before warning people that "One of the brass handles has been broken at some time and repaired but I think it should be taken off and mended properly by brazing or whatever they do."

Even more excitingly, the item is available for collection only so whoever buys it will not just pick up a cabinet with an exciting showbiz history but will also get to visit the great man's home as well! What a bonus!

As if to really make the most of the showbiz connection, Paul must have carefully selected the third photo. Is it a coincidence that he's chosen to photograph the card which makes mention of his and Debbie's fan club? I doubt it. He's too shrewd for that. And who is Mervyn? Perhaps we'll never know.

Paul's last comment made me quite sad. I don't mind admitting it brought a lump to my throat. He said simply, "I'll miss it."

Then why sell it? That's the sensible question anyone would ask. It obviously has huge sentimental value to the little magic man so how can he bear to part with it. I'll tell you how... because of the cash! The bidding on this item was fast and furious, I can tell you.

When things get pricey on ebay they hide the identity of the bidders so I'm afraid only the winner is a known quantity. Paul set a starting price of just £10 for this item and Bidder 1 soon doubled his earnings with a £20 bid. But that was only the beginning. Bidder 2 stepped in with £27 before Bidders 3 and 4 took it all the way to £45 with some tit-for-tat bidding. Bidder 2 returned fire with £47 but Bidder 3 wasn't giving up easy and put in a cryptic £53.98. A new bidder, (Bidder 5) entered the fray and made it £75. Welcome back our old friend, Bidder 2 and £77. Bidder 5 wasn't a one-time bid Charlie and soon topped it with £85 before another new bidder joined the auction with a bid of £90.09 which was then stretched to £101. but Bidder 2 wasn't shaken off and came back in with £109. Bidder 5 showed just as much tenacity and made new bids of £120, £130, £134 and then £138 before Bidder 6 all but took them out of the game with a £155 bid. Another new bidder turned up offering £179 but they were beaten by Bidder 8 and £183. Bidder 9 must have existed but their bid is unrecorded - no doubt equalled or bettered too soon as Bidder 10 came in at £211. But then, at the last allie1971 popped up with a £216 bid winning the day. And the cabinet!

What a powerhouse of an auction that was! From £10 to £216 in only 22 bids. Amazing ebay action and exactly the kind of thing that I hope will keep you coming back to Paul Daniels' Ebay Transactions. Thanks Paul.

I'm sure he'll be sad to see the back of the cabinet his father refurbished many years ago and that Mervyn used to keep track of his fan-club correspondence... but I'm sure he will enjoy spending the £216 he made out of it! Not a lot!


Cruisey: said...

Seem like nice chairs. Mind you 190 squid seems alot for a chair. I think it will try that line then. Normally i just do textbooks.

Anonymous said...

I have never laughed so much as i did reading that!

jollyspaniard said...

holy cow!